Building owners now required to use renewable energy

Few building owners and property managers in the country are familiar with new government laws and guidelines encouraging energy efficiency and conservation in the work place. These laws have become all the more urgent now that Metro Manila is a key office market in the globe and its landlords are now considered major energy users.

Republic Act 11285 or the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Law  requires, among other measures, that at least 1% of the total power demand of a building must be generated by a renewable source such as solar photovoltaic panels.

To address the requirements of building owners and their property managers, Leechiu Property Consultants has partnered with the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) Real Estate Committee to sponsor a briefing on this law on June 4, Friday, at 10 a.m. via Zoom.

The briefing will be led by Atty. Patrick Aquino, director of the Energy Department’s Energy Utilization and Management Bureau and Alexander Ablaza, president of the Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance. Panelists will include building owners Raymond Rufino, president and CEO of NEO and Ricardo Cuerva, managing director of the Nova Group. 

​Leechiu Property Consultants’ executive director Lylah Ledonio, who is also chair of the ECCP Real Estate Committee, explains that building owners or landlords need to be re-oriented on this law especially because its implementing rules and regulations were passed in May 2019. “We organized this forum so that government regulators and building owners can have a meeting of minds,” she says.

Those who adhere to the Energy Efficiency law’s key provisions are set to reap benefits including savings in energy costs, one of the biggest expenses in running an office tower. One of those provisions, for instance, is for building owners with an annual consumption of at least 500,000 kilowatt hours to employ a certified conservation officer tasked to find ways to save energy.  

The ECCP Real Estate Committee promotes collaboration among industry players by bringing together key players to share best practices, insights and relevant data. Those interested in joining its June 4 forum may contact [email protected]. or [email protected]

RA 11285 was passed into law in 2008 to promote the use alternative sources of energy. Its purpose was to ensure that the country would minimize its dependence on fossil fuel while promoting energy sources that help sustain the planet.