Let us win the pandemic battle

Our lives have certainly changed since the onset of the pandemic, and COVID-19 has nearly altered every aspect of our world. After a year of lockdowns, social isolation, travel restrictions, and abrupt transformations, it feels that we have been through our darkest hours. But with the roll-out of the vaccines, we are all hoping that the end phase of this health emergency is now finally in sight and soon we will be able to rise, act, and take back control.

Despite the difficulties faced throughout the pandemic and the concern of resurgence of cases, let us always believe that even in the worst circumstances in our lives, there is hope that will take us to the path of recovery.  

Thus, all of the changes brought by the pandemic highlight the importance of taking in all the lessons that the more than a year-long challenge has brought us. One of these lessons is being able to be agile and adapt to the disruptions to survive and thrive. For business leaders like me, let me share these three lessons of how we can continually “W.I.N.” the pandemic battle.


As business leaders, the first thing we need to do to win is to ‘withstand.’ Our businesses, no matter how small or big, must remain undamaged against the COVID-19 by being cooperative with the safety and health protocols to fight against the disease. We have to focus our actions on keeping our employees’ safe and healthy and by making their well-being a priority. It’s the same for our customers.

Wilcon Depot, a home construction retail leader, remained undamaged by protecting the most important asset in their business—their people and also the community where they operate in. 

During the most difficult situations, we should let our employees know and feel that they are secured. Our employees need us now more than ever. As business leaders, we should provide much-needed support and show our genuine care to our employees during this challenging time. We have to give our share of help to fight against the COVID-19 by supporting different relief measures for the betterment of the community at large until this trying time passes.

As business leaders, let us keep in mind that we must protect and prioritize our people and the community that we are a part of. 


We have seen how the pandemic has changed the way people do things—from the way they work, study, socialize, and even how they shop. Our response must lead us to ‘innovate’ and force us to rethink business continuity plans despite the losses and delays caused by the lockdowns.

Take advantage of this time to tackle initiatives that will future-proof your business and prepare strategies on how you will be able to continuously serve your customers while making sure that you abide by the health and safety protocols implemented by the government.

Recognizing that there are still limitations for people to go outside and shop, find new ways to reach your customer, and continue to bring value to their lives. Using the advantage of modern technology, deliver products or services to customers without compromising health and safety orders.


One of the most affected is the brick-and-mortar businesses that offer products and services to their customers face-to-face. So, we need to continually ‘navigate’ our business by adapting and meeting the shifting trends of customer demands and behavior. We have to optimize our digital presence to directly connect with our customers and offer solutions. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented various business challenges and uncertainties that tested our leadership. The virus is spreading quite fast, and we must be able to withstand, innovate, and navigate twice faster to win over this pandemic battle.

Without a doubt, this disruption will forever change us personally and business-wise, but I hope that we can gain all the lessons we need to learn from this pandemic—hope, resilience, unity, and adaptability—that will help us get through in the new norm and the difficult times we will be facing. With the public and private sector working together to inoculate our nation, may we finally soon claim victory in this battle with COVID-19. A Dose of Hope program, an initiative led by Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship and Go Negosyo founder Joey Concepcion, to donate COVID-19 vaccines includes private companies like Wilcon Depot in the hopes to win over the pandemic. Herd immunity is real, and it is the only way our country, our people, our economy can rebound.

Together, let us all WIN this pandemic battle!