AboitizLand: An artist’s haven

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have retreated to their homes in an effort to protect themselves and their communities from the spread of the virus. But more than being a safe haven, they have become somewhat of a work in progress for many who have chosen to use this time to remodel their homes. From creating aesthetically pleasing renovations to establishing a functional working-and-living space, the artist is both resident and creative director.

Design trends shift and change throughout the years, and right now, AboitizLand readily delivers on modern and functional homes. As of late last year, the Ajoya communities, The Villages at Lipa, and Seafront Residences have readily opened their gates for those seeking safe and wide open areas, and bigger living spaces while still enjoying the conveniences of city living. 

What’s more, each property has model houses so that potential and existing neighbors or vecinos can experience how “life is better here” in AboitizLand.

Ajoya Capas’ 2-storey Duplex Side by Side unit features an open plan layout allowing vecinos to customize their new home.

Featuring an open plan layout, Ajoya Capas’ 2-storey Duplex Side by Side unit allows vecinos to customize their new home. 

Need inspiration on how to spruce up your unit? Check out this virtual tour: bit.ly/AjoyaCapasVirtualTour

The Ajoya Communities

AboitizLand’s Ajoya communities are located across multiple locations in Central Luzon. 

Ajoya Cabanatuan is nestled in the new wave growth area of Nueva Ecija—a location made more accessible through the Central Luzon Link Expressway (CLLEx), which will cut travel time from Tarlac to Cabanatuan from 70 minutes to a mere 20 minutes!

Interested vecinos can expect to find the 3-bedroom Single Detached and 4-bedroom Single Detached units on full display to help them visualize their future home-life. With ample space for relaxation and rooms for home offices or meditation studios, Ajoya Cabanatuan offers enough space for early nesters and growing families to settle in and call this space home.

Interested in seeing Ajoya Cabanatuan’s 3-Bedroom and 4-Bedroom model houses for yourself? Hop on a virtual tour here: bit.ly/AjoyaCabanatuanVirtualTour.

Ajoya Cabanatuan’s 3-Bedroom and 4-Bedroom model houses will help future vecinos visualize their new relaxation and work spaces.

Ajoya Capas, meanwhile, is built within a generously-spaced village to provide a better living experience with its facilities and close proximity to the cities. Located along MacArthur Highway in Capas, Tarlac, this Ajoya community is only a 20-minute drive from New Clark City, and a 2-hour drive from Metro Manila. Baguio City is also an accessible 2.5 hours away.

Boasting open spaces, greenbelts, and pocket parks for socially-distanced strolling and outdoor relaxation, future homeowners can safely and peacefully explore the 13-hectare master-planned and safeguarded community.

The Duplex Side-by-Side and the Duplex Back-to-Back model units are on full display in the residential area for those interested in looking around before taking the plunge. Each model unit comes fully furnished, so visualizing your future home life is much easier.

Those who want to enjoy the freedom and comfort of spacious living while still living within an accessible distance from Metro Manila should take a look at the 17-hectare Ajoya Pampanga in Mexico, Pampanga. Its model village will begin construction this year, featuring homes inspired by the traditional Filipino Bahay na Bato infused with a modern twist. 

These units have two house types available depending on the residents’ needs: Single Attached 2 to 4-bedroom and a Single Detached 5-bedroom.

Each Ajoya community has their own town plaza for homeowners to enjoy and to easily access household necessities. They are all also conveniently located near their respective city propers. Aspiring entrepreneurs and burgeoning home-preneurs can easily take advantage of the business opportunities offered by Ajoya’s clustered shophouses.

Want to figure out which Ajoya community is right for you? Take an immersive virtual tour here and find your dream home soon: https://www.ajoya.com.ph/.

The Villages at Lipa

Located just one and a half hours’ drive south of Metro Manila stands The Villages at Lipa within the rising township of LIMA. The property boasts modern, well-design, and well-built houses and lots flanked by lush greenery.

Offering a good balance of the bustling city life and the peaceful suburb, The Villages at Lipa is perfect for those who thrive in relaxing surroundings and want to remain south of Metro Manila. 

Interested homeowners can choose the perfect home for themselves and their families by taking a look at the townhouses, single-detached, and single-attached house types within the Sierra Village—perfect for growing families that want to move into bigger homes—or Brook Villages—suited for professionals and early nesters planning for the future—online or in their respective showrooms.

The 49-hectare village within a village concept is expected to launch by May 2021. Find out if The Villages at Lipa is the right choice for you and your family by taking an immersive 360 tour of the property and its units here: https://www.thevillagesatlipa.com/.

Seafront Residences

“Work from paradise.”

No other sentence can perfectly describe the experience of residing in AboitizLand’s Seafront Residences. Located in San Juan, Batangas, residents can enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Banahaw and Tayabas Bay and settle down at the end of the day in their cozy and beautifully-designed homes.

The seaside community was built with help from the Florida-based DPZ CoDesign, offering residents the opportunity to experience seaside-living easily.

Seafront Residences is the perfect location to work-from-paradise. Conveniently located in San Juan, Batangas, you get to enjoy breathtaking views of Tayabas Bay and Mt. Banahaw from your doorstep.

Seafront Residences’ one model unit—a 100-sqm, 3-bedroom home—will be available for viewing within the third quarter of 2021, all the better for future homeowners to get a taste of life by the sea. Eager buyers can visit the currently open site and amenity areas to check out the styled unit.

Meanwhile, Seafront Villas is available for couples, early nesters, and independent dwellers. The 1-bedroom model unit is currently under construction and is set to be launched within the second quarter of the year.

Interested in living your seaside paradise? Get a glimpse of what could be by taking a virtual tour of Seafront Residences and Villas here: https://www.seafrontresidences.com.ph/.

A veritable work-from-paradise, enjoy breathtaking views of Tayabas Bay and Mt. Banahaw from your doorstep. Go on a virtual tour here: bit.ly/SeafrontResidencesVirtualTour

The AboitizLand Commitment to Safety

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, all model village viewings are to be scheduled in advance for the safety of future vecinos and interested buyers. Everyone is also strictly advised to adhere to national health and safety protocols on site. 

For physical visits, interested parties may coordinate schedules with their property specialists and brokers. 

For online tours, 360 virtual tours are available at the properties’ respective websites. For more detailed walkthroughs, a video call viewing may be arranged with a property specialist.

To know more about the Luzon communities and to get in touch with a property specialist, visit www.aboitizland.com. For more updates about the latest AboitizLand developments, follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AboitizLand.Inc/and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/aboitizlandincofficial/