Suntrust ‘Rises as One’ in 2021

The past year has been fraught with many challenges, and it’s a testament to humanity’s persistence and resilience as people have chosen time and time again to come together and help each other throughout the experience.

Now, more than ever, the importance of home and family cannot be overstated. We look at our homes and think of the sanctuary and stability that they represent.

We fail, however, to look at countless hardworking individuals who earnestly work hand in hand with aspiring homeowners as they seek to fulfill their dream homes.

Acknowledging the dedication, enthusiasm, and sincerity of their sales agents, Suntrust Properties Inc. (SPI), held its annual awards and 2021 sales kick-off remotely through Zoom—recognizing the need to prioritize safety during this tumultuous time—with the theme of “We Rise As One”.

Going forward together

Over 600 active participants consisting of property specialists and sales managers from all over the country joined the virtual gathering celebrating the triumphs of Suntrust’s past year and the dedication displayed by members of their community toward their clients.

ENGR. LEONORA GUTIERREZ Senior Assistant Vice President Regional Sales Operations

Senior assistant vice president of regional sales operations Engr. Leonora Gutierrez kicked off the event by recognizing the difficulties the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have brought.

“The pandemic taught us how to be resilient and how to adapt to the new and virtual way of doing business,” she said.

Praising SPI’s sales agents as the company’s “real heroes and heroines,” Gutierrez elaborated on their adaptability and skill in maneuvering through the ripple effects caused by the pandemic.

“Even if some of [Suntrustees] chose to change gears and transformed into bakers, chefs, plantitos and plantitas, most of our Suntrustees became instant experts in online selling, they became real estate online practitioners, thanks to technology,” she said.

Diamonds in the rough

In her resounding speech, EVP- COO Deanna Jean Claveria likened the ordeal of 2020 as that of the circumstances giving rise to diamonds.

DEANNA JEAN CLAVERIA Suntrust Executive Vice President – Chief Operating Offi cer

“The challenges we faced head on in 2020 did not dampen our willing mindset and our will to move forward and rise as one,” she said, explaining that diamonds are formed deep below the earth’s surface over a long period of time under extreme temperature and pressure. Its brilliance is brought to light through “painful” cutting and polishing.

When their sales harshly dropped during the height of the Extended Community Quarantine, most employees in Suntrust were unfamiliar with digital selling and marketing.

“The pressure built up and it made us adapt and survive under the new normal. We refused to just sit down and do nothing. Instead, we chose to be cut and polished like the diamond so we can shine once more,” Claveria continued, declaring that these hardships created an environment where Suntrust employees learned to survive.

Suntrustee Jay Potente and other awardees all expressed similar sentiments. They are grateful to their SPI family, and the nurturing and supportive environment that has given them room to thrive over the many years they’ve been with SPI.

JERRY RUBIS First Vice President Sales, Marketing & Training

First Vice President for Sales, Marketing & Training Jerry Rubis praised the teamwork and unity exhibited by the Suntrust team during the uncertain months in the beginning of the pandemic, “We were paralyzed in our situation, but then mas nakakagilalas at mas nakakagulat ang ating recovery because everybody contributed [toward] the change, everybody participated in the quest to move forward.”

Seeing how SPI makes the effort to ensure that the hard work and loyalty displayed by their employees is rewarded reflects how highly the company sees them and how they truly see them as one family. Because of this, SPI has more than earned its place as one of the leading real estate developers in the Philippines and its future looks bright.

“Suntrust is very ready as a company, and we have tons of inventories to give you, kaya siguradong we will hit our target this 2021,” Rubis emphasized.

Captains of our own ships

SPI president Atty. Harry Paltongan closed out the ceremony and recognized the tenacity and individuality shown by the Suntrustees in commandeering their lives in 2020. “During the worst of times in 2020, we were able to achieve something great. We are all sailors—we are the captains of our own ships. And there are two things a captain has to watch out for: First are the storms hammering into your ship which we then have to manage to come out unscathed in the end. Second is looking beyond the horizon for that is how we can continue sailing.”


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