Home of Storytellers: Our stories in these challenging times

The past year has brought with it dramatic changes that have greatly affected the world and how people live about their lives. In early 2020, the Philippines underwent a lockdown in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus. Because of the strict quarantine measures, people spent most of their days at home and mental health took a turn for the worse.

“We witnessed how the pandemic changed people’s lives dramatically and we wanted to give them a sense of hope during these trying times,” says Ayala Land head of marketing and communications Chrissy Roa.

Seeing how the quarantine made many Filipinos feel lost, unmotivated, and uncertain of the future, Roa explains that the company wanted to figure out a way to uplift people in the Ayala Land community.

“How can we inspire them in a meaningful way that’s relevant to their current situation? And Ayala Land’s thrust has always been about ‘Building Communities. Enriching Lives’,” he tells.

The Home of Storytellers series is centered around the idea of community. The series itself focuses on the insights, tips, and advice from real people sharing their stories of their life before quarantine and how they have adapted to living in this new normal.

Stories we all can relate to

Three people, three videos.

The Home of Storytellers series digs deep into the lives of Mikaela Martinez, Anina Rubio, and Sandy Daza as they explore what it means to adapt to our new reality and who they are to their communities.

In Resourceful Parenting in New Ways, Martinez takes us on a journey through her family’s experience as they adapt to their home and their new routine, bearing with the challenges of staying home and following protocols as a family while keeping moments meaningful.

Rubio, on the other hand, explores sustainability practices in Building Sustainable Communities from her perspective as an artist and environmental advocate. As an avid cyclist, she shares sustainability and safety tips to aspiring cyclists and bike-commuters.

Finally, in Writing New Life Chapters from Home, Daza walks us through a day in his life as a chef, restaurateur, and father. He showcases how he stays active and creative in all facets of his life—from his time taking care of his physical health to his dedication to the kitchen and his passion for food.

The story so far

Ayala Land set out to create a series showing real people and how each individual is part of a community. These videos show how each individual voice is worth listening to and how we can take charge of our own narratives.

The Home of Storytellers series was initially introduced during Ayala Land’s 32nd anniversary, featuring life lessons from people in the Ayala Land community. A second series was formed in January 2021 through short videos, featuring advice from individuals with different passions and interests. The continuation of the series aims to amplify more voices that speak to the community.

To watch all the videos by Ayala Land Storytellers on YouTube, visit the Home of Storytellers playlist.

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