Real estate a ticket to secure, stable future

Investment comes in many forms but is done for a specific purpose—to earn and to guarantee a secure, comfortable future.

Smart individuals often build their investment portfolio as soon as they start making money, taking advantage of opportunities that will not only offer lucrative returns but also afford them that much needed stability.

While there are a number of platforms and options where you can readily invest based on your risk appetite, many are increasingly choosing real estate. That’s because when it’s done right, a property investment can be one of the safest, most reliable forms of investments that will yield attractive capital appreciation gains, especially over the long term.

Sta. Lucia Land offers a variety of home investment choices in more than 250 pioneering projects across the country.

In the Philippines, the robust real estate industry offers all the elements that will allow investors to find greater value in property investment.

“Everyone needs a home. When you invest in a property, it doesn’t just give you the promise of good returns but also a secure and comfortable life for you and your loved ones. That opportunity to have a secure future especially given today’s uncertainties should be enough reason for every individual to seriously consider buying a property—whether you want a lot, house and lot, a townhouse or a condominium unit,” explained Sta. Lucia Land Inc. president Exequiel Robles.

“At Sta. Lucia Land, we truly believe that property investment is for everyone. Buying a home should in fact be on top of everyone’s list—you can’t go wrong with this kind of investment as what you have is a real and tangible asset. Buyers, however, should also be wary and critical of their choices to ensure a truly worry-free investment,” he added.

Sta. Lucia Land has successfully cemented its reputation as a trusted property developer for more than four decades now.

Indeed, many would agree that real estate remains to be a practical choice for any investor given its great earnings potential especially over a long term period—whether you would eventually have it for your own use, sell it for a premium, or lease it out in the meantime. Add to that, real estate has been among the more resilient industries, capable of bouncing back after a crisis.

Reports from consultancy firms like Colliers International Philippines have shown how this industry had seen recovery as soon as market sentiment and business activities start to improve.

One should choose a property developer like Sta. Lucia Land, which has a reputable track record, strong financial performance, and solid expansion plans.

“During the Asian financial crisis, prices of condominium dropped between 9 percent and 14 percent from 1998 to 1999, followed by a recovery in 2000 when prices grew by 24 percent. The same trend was observed during the global financial crisis when prices dropped by 1.5 percent in 2009 and immediately recovered in 2010 with a 2.1 percent increase in average prices,” Colliers International Philippines said.

Of course, this would only be possible if you would bet on a property developer that has a reputable track record, was able to create communities that remain thriving and vibrant even today, has seen a strong financial performance, and has laid down solid expansion plans.

Real estate has been among the more resilient industries, capable of bouncing back after a crisis.

Sta. Lucia Group, of which Sta. Lucia Land is part, has successfully cemented its reputation as a trusted property developer for more than four decades now, having built more than 250 pioneering projects—from world class golf courses and country clubs, the first commercial mall in the East, resort-themed communities, lake developments, and condominium projects.

“We, at Sta. Lucia Land, always have the welfare of our buyers in mind thus we continue to create and deliver developments that would make for a great inclusion in their investment folder. Beyond building in key city centers, we also bet big on secondary cities and fringe areas to help spur economic activities in the area and more importantly, to ensure that more Filipinos will have that fair opportunity to have access to a great investment that is property,” Robles concluded.