Housing projects to help in economic rebound

The government is targeting to boost housing projects in the country in a bid to help revive the national economy that has been struggling to recover amid the pandemic.

The Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) said it is committed to carry out more housing projects nationwide in coordination with key shelter agencies.

This as the country’s central housing authority sees housing and the real estate industry’s important role in pump-priming the economy.

“The real estate sector can become a boon for Filipinos in terms of employment as it can trigger tens of thousands of jobs across the country,” DHSUD chief Eduardo del Rosario said.

“About 80 other industries are aligned in the construction of housing units,” he said.

Following the easing of quarantine restrictions in June 2020, real estate activities slowly resumed and some 55,000 workers immediately returned to work, thus, providing much-needed livelihood amid the pandemic.

“We really see the effects of housing as an industry to the overall economy,” del Rosario said.

DHSUD maintained that housing is a right of every Filipino and 81 percent of families wish to fulfill home ownership.

“That is the direction of the department and our key shelter agencies. We are not just building housing units, we are also building resilient and sustainable communities,” del Rosario said.

DHSUD said it is boosting private sector engagements in the grassroots to synchronize and enhance public-private efforts in the housing sector.