Robbie Antonio resigns from Century Properties Board

Jose Roberto R. Antonio has resigned as company director and member of the board of Century Properties Group.

The CPG Board of Directors accepted the resignation of Antonio as CPG’s Co-Managing Director and Member of the Board, effective immediately, according to the company’s disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on February 22, 2021.

In his letter to the Board on February 20, 2021, Antonio said his departure from CPG will allow him to focus on resolving the issues in his privately-owned company – Revolution Precrafted Philippines, its subsidiaries and allied businesses, which was affected by the pandemic.

Antonio thanked the board for their support and wished continued success for CPG. “I know I am making the correct decision to step down from my position in CPG as I will leave it under the very capable leadership of the Board and the professional expertise of its senior management team. This will also allow me to focus on addressing the pressing issues in Revolution and its allied businesses,” he said. The Board’s Nomination Committee is currently in search of Antonio’s replacement as a Director and Member of the Board