Lucky moves for an auspicious new year

Enough of the heavy energy that 2020 beamed to all. Now we all deserve a fresh and powerful beginning to this brand-new year. Here are some ideas that are meant to bring positivity to your home. Some are inspired by feng shui, others are practical wisdom. Add yours, too, and share with friends and family!

Order new sheets now. Make sure your new bed linen is soft and comfortable. Put them out for use before midnight on New Year’s Eve. Some say that soft materials in the home will invite a sense of calm and comfort, something that we definitely need after that monster of a year that was 2020.

Soft materials, like fresh bedsheets, give the home a sense of calm and comfort.

It’s time to get fresh flowers. Actually, scatter them around your home the whole year round. Feng shui practitioners believe these bring not just happiness but also good fortune, as long as you don’t include the thorns!

Scatter fresh flowers around your house not just on New Year but whole year round.

Paint your door red or orange. South-facing front doors will benefit from this, according to feng shui experts. North-facing doors, however, need to be painted blue or black. West-facing doors have to be done in gray or white, and for east-facing doors, it’s either brown or green. Do not forget, however, that the coming year’s lucky colors are white, silver, and gray.

South-facing front doors should be painted red or orange.

Clean your home, first of all. No amount of feng shui will invite luck and prosperity to enter homes that are chaotic, messy, cluttered, and dirty. Get rid of blocks along hallways, entryways, pathways and spaces where people usually pass or walk through.

Hang a mirror in the right place. That means it should reflect a nice view like your garden, flowers or trees, or the green lawn outside. Do not place a mirror beside a bed or at the foot of it.

Elephants, horseshoe and ladybugs. These are just some of the lucky symbols we can use in the home, according to feng shui. An elephant figurine, a painting of a ladybug, or an actual horseshoe over the door are believed to bring good fortune and happiness into the home.

A cute elephant figurine can truly bring happiness into your home.

Do you have a red carpet? If not, then it’s probably time to order one. It is apparently lucky to place a red carpet on your doorstep before the new year sets in. If you wish to take it further, hang 3 Chinese coins and bells on your entrance door knob or door handle for luck with money.

They say it’s lucky to place a red carpet on your doorstep before the new year sets in.