Decor and design trends for 2021

“With everything that we’ve collectively been through in 2020, our homes need more warmth, comfort, and coziness now more than ever.”

People are staying home for longer periods, and our homes deserve utmost attention in the way they are designed and decorated. Based on Modsy’s Trend Report for 2021, which provides predictions by Modsy interior designers, the following are the design and decorating trends for the coming year.

Comfort will continue to be important. As mentioned above, comfortable rooms and furniture are going to be in demand because people are working, studying, hanging out more in their homes. General vibe is welcoming and cozy—one can easily find a corner to read while sipping a cup of coffee.

Comfortable rooms and natural materials will be in demand.

Natural materials will be in. That would include light wood and other sustainable and affordable furnishing. People would like to put some nature inside the home because they can’t go out as much. Plants are one way to achieve that soft, warm earthy feeling. Greens are not going out of style just yet.

Shopping in thrift stores. People are tightening their purse strings but that doesn’t mean they won’t be fixing up their houses. They will just be shopping more from flea markets, secondhand furniture shops, and antique stores. Another option would be to ransack the storage room in your parents’ or grandparents’ homes for decorative items they no longer need or use.

Say hello to grandmillennial aesthetic.

In fact, there is a term for it—grandmillennial. That refers to the combination of modern plus your grandparents’ decor. Some designers are boldly predicting that this old-meets-new trend is going to be big next year. Read more about the grandmillennial aesthetics here:

Marie Kondo’s influence is going strong. Scandinavian or Japanese minimalism will still be around in 2021, and that’s partly because people have realized they shouldn’t hold on to too many material things. Environmental sustainability is also another reason why we shouldn’t have/buy things we don’t really need.

The ‘80s are here again. That’s the fearless forecast of some designers, mostly because people are turning to the past to experience comfort and security. There will be a resurgence of the ‘80s look and décor. Actually, not just the ‘80s but a few design styles of the past, including Victorian and Art Deco. Think hallmark pieces from these eras like glass tables, marble and chrome, gilded finishes and floral prints.

Clean is in. COVID-19 has turned some of us into germaphobes and this can be seen in our obsessive compulsion to clean all surfaces many times over. Designers, therefore, predict that homeowners will prefer materials that are easy to clean and washable. Glass and metal can be cleaned easily, and stain-resistant fabrics will be popular. Moms with young children will love this as students continue to stay home for school and play, which usually means cleaning up their mess round the clock.   

Clean is in.

Bold and warm, neutral colors are also making a comeback. Toronto-based interior designer Tiffany Leigh Piotrowski says, “With everything that we’ve collectively been through in 2020, our homes need more warmth, comfort, and coziness now more than ever.” Rich earth tones and organic shades like camel and deep, neutral colors like olive green and burnt orange will continue to be popular.

Bold and warm, neutral colors are making a comeback.

However, go easy on the colors when it’s the bedroom or home office we’re talking about. For these rooms, you need something that will help you sleep and relax or focus and concentrate. Some of the relaxing colors are dusty pink, cream, sea blue (sky blue is Etsy’s 2021 color of the year), lavender, beige, light yellow, or pale orange. The ideal colors for a home office or study room would be the warm tones of white, grey, or beige; earthy green; dark blue or blue-green; coral and peach; or pale blue.

Go easy on the bedroom or office area. Sky blue is Etsy’s 2021 Color of the Year.