Suntrust stands as a beacon of hope in its 23rd year

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to many realizations. One of which is the importance of living in decent homes — a space that promotes overall health and wellness and cultivates people’s dreams in life along with their loved ones.

Real estate developer Suntrust Properties Inc. (SPI) continues to demonstrate just this in all aspects of its operations in the last 23 years.

“During the stormy seas of the Asian Financial Crisis 23 years ago, on Nov. 14, 1997, I was hired to form and incorporate this company. Looking back, it seemed so fragile then. Yet with the vision of our chairman, we always conquered every crisis,” SPI president Atty. Harry Paltongan vividly recalls.

SPI president Atty. Harry Paltongan

“We must have surpassed the worst and the shore seems so near. We are now excited about the expansions we will be doing as each barrier that holds us back is torn down,” he adds. 

Paltongan is also optimistic that in the coming years, they could expand to more regions, cities and provinces. In the near future, he hopes they could employ and give opportunities to more people.

“We have tens of thousands of clients and homeowners, and we will be sharing bigger responsibilities with them in making their communities more resilient against the challenges that we are confronting now,” he says.

As the company celebrates its anniversary, it brings its people together and reconnects them during this important milestone, proving that no distance can separate the hearts of the true members of the Suntrust family amid all the challenges today.

The celebration banners the theme, “Together We Win,” which symbolizes hope; that whatever challenge comes its way, the Suntrust family can weather the storm and steer its way to success by sticking together.

Staying connected

Amid the new normal, the Suntrust family remained connected through digital anniversary events held in the first week of November. To engage the virtual audience, they held their first-ever sports fest dubbed TAGISUNTRUST with games like Pictionary and other mini-games such as Company trivias, Guess That Movie, Kara-OK, and Guess the Price. 

Employees enjoy the first virtual TAGISUNTRUST.

Last Nov. 18, SPI continued its annual traditions aired live via its Facebook group, exclusive to its employees, contractors, and sellers, fondly called as Suntrustees.

The program started with a thanksgiving Mass officiated by Rev. Father Jerry Orbos from the National Shrine and Parish of the Divine Mercy. Following the Mass were testimonial videos from Suntrustees and contractors, who have been with the company for years and have contributed greatly to its success.

The president and surprise online guests, such as its chairman Dr. Andrew Tan and vice-chair Lourdes Gutierrez-Alfornso, also graced the virtual event. 

SPI chairman Andrew Tan
SPI vice-chair Lourdes Gutierrez-Alfornso

The day also marked the launch of the company’s official 23rd-anniversary song, written in line with this year’s theme. It was composed, performed, and musically arranged by the employees. The song played along with throwback videos of the company’s past successes, milestones, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in the past years. 

The celebration showcased that a Suntrust family sticks together not only to build homes and fulfill the dreams of thousands of Filipino families but also to uphold its community and help those in need.

A part of its anniversary tradition, Suntrust gave back to the people who contributed to its success and the people in need. This year, the Suntrustees donated goods and basic necessities to the victims deeply affected by Typhoon Ulysses.

“Today, a pandemic, the end of which is uncertain, has been worsened by the relentless typhoons. Yet, Suntrust is that home where hope never fades and dreams always stay radiant. The sun does not stop shining behind the darkest clouds. We just need to trust,” Paltongan caps.