Learn to build your assets in the time of COVID-19

At the relaunch of The Philippine STAR’s ​Property Report PH​, David Leechiu, co-founder and CEO of Leechiu Property Consultants Inc., expressed optimism, saying that the Philippine market is improving despite the crisis.

In a previous interview with Lamudi, he said that favorable economic factors include Filipinos having one of the highest savings rates of up to 20 percent globally, the higher credit rating the country received in June, and a pending collapse in lending interest rates because of the government’s significant borrowings. He said the government is going to bring down the reserve requirement ratio from the banks from 18 percent to eight percent.

He explained that the upper-middle and luxury segments are continuously buying despite the pandemic, with some luxury properties reaching 20- to 50-percent higher than their price in February.

“They are not debt-driven transactions. They’re cash-driven transactions,” he said.

COVID-19 may have shifted the world but history has shown us that there is an opportunity in every crisis.

For investors, it’s certainly a time to build assets while prices are relatively affordable now and payment terms are more relaxed as developers maximize the potential of a reduced market.

It’s almost an irresistible value proposition — land and real estate will always appreciate in time and if investors make their purchase now, they are certain to reap higher returns in the future when land values normalize or better yet, appreciate further.

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As we continue to rebuild and adapt to the new normal, we remain confident in the resiliency of real estate and the…

Posted by Property Report PH on Monday, October 19, 2020

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