Filipino architects urged to bring equitable urban community solutions

Every October, the World Architecture Day celebrates the work and commitment of all architects and some famous architectural masterpieces. This year, in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Filipino architects commit to uphold urban community solutions that are sustainable, affordable, safe, and stronger than before for everyone.

This year’s theme is “Towards a Better Urban Future,” and United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) national president Renato Heray says that it’s vital to focus on the vulnerable and poor sector of the society since they are the ones directly affected by the changing times.

“The vulnerable and underserved sectors are at the receiving end of all these rough changes, as they try to keep food on the table and maintain measly income that they can bring home to their families,” he said, noting that the poor in crowded urban communities are likely to prioritize survival over clean air, sufficient water, sustainable plans and designs.

“As architects, we are expected to create urban spaces that bring joy and satisfaction to every human living there,” he added. “It takes careful and meticulous urban planning, topnotch architecture designs, and skillful and knowledge minds behind this vision.”

Thus, he encouraged his fellow architects to bring in equitable urban community solutions. 

“I encourage everyone to keep on making urban plans that shall bring forth better quality of life for everyone. In a nutshell, if people are circulating in a space where recreation, livelihood, public services, and safe and healthy shelter are present, more and more people can see a future that is clear and promising.”

The UAP consists of more than 40, 000 Filipino architects.

During the enhanced community quarantine, UAP partnered with both private and public sectors to build quarantine facilities, including the 36-bed quarantine facility in Malabon City.

UAP helps build a 36-bed quarantine facility in Malabon City

It has also turned over hundreds of hygiene kits to medical frontliners and COVID-19 patients  at the San Andres Sports Complex Quarantine Facility and various health institutions.

“UAP believes that as the world faces a pandemic, it is not the time to be divided. UAP shall remain helpful and compassionate to our countrymen, just like what it has always been before this pandemic started,” Heray said.