Frontliners express gratitude, donations fill them with hope

More than a hundred days into the metro-wide quarantine and things have definitely changed. Some people call 2020 their gap year but for people in the frontlines, this is definitely not a passive time. For medical practitioners, this is the ultimate do-or-die.

For a Filipina nurse assigned to take care of the Royal Family of Brunei Darussalam, everyday is a matter of safety and service. She is filled with gratitude that Grand Taipan has given her a monthly settlement to assist her and her family during this time. “It inspires me to work harder for me and my family’s future,” she shares.

She is one of the many medical frontliners that Grand Taipan has extended help to since the start of the quarantine.

Joeben Tai, founder and president of Grand Taipan Land Development Inc., has used this time to give back to the community. Tai and his team have been on the clock to aid those in need. The CEO shares that now ― more than ever ― is the time to live out the concept of bayanihan.

Xyra Aritao, a young medical technician stationed in one of the country’s leading hospitals, shares that donations of all sorts also give them mental fuel. “Of course it boosts our morale,” she shares. “During this time, it’s easy to feel helpless and fearful but as a frontliner our hearts are filled with gratitude for the continuous flow of love and support.”