DMCI Homes accelerates digital transformation amid pandemic

Quadruple A developer DMCI Homes has rolled out various digital innovations to ensure business continuity, customer satisfaction, and convenient condo-living services amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In the past few weeks, the company has made available more digital initiatives to provide both homebuyers and employees online digital tools to keep up with the changing landscape brought about by safety and health protocols.

Among the innovations for condominium buyers are 360 property virtual tours and walkthroughs, live online property presentations, and online reservation and payment facilities which are all meant to provide a seamless and contactless homebuying experience.

Screengrab of DMCI Homes 360 virtual tour which allows homebuyers to take a peek of the property through realistic digital environment.

DMCI Homes has likewise relaunched its leasing website (, an online platform for DMCI Homes customers who wish to rent out their units, and clients who wish to rent DMCI Homes units. Unit owners can enroll and list their properties on the website.

The company is also rolling out a homeowner’s app to its various communities. The app facilitates property management and resident services, such as viewing of accounts, online payments, gate pass and work permit application, among others.

The relaunched DMCI Homes Leasing website makes it easier for DMCI Homes customers to lease their units and for clients to look for units to rent. 

As for its employees, the property arm of DMCI Holdings Inc. has been investing in a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for more efficient operations, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for integrated customer services, and a Building Information Modeling (BIM) platform to streamline design and engineering workflows and processes.

DMCI Homes extensively uses a cloud-based office productivity platform, allowing its employees to work and collaborate from the safety of their homes.

Many of these digital initiative efforts of DMCI Homes address the directives implemented by the government of physical distancing and transacting online to prevent the spread of the virus while keeping its stakeholders abreast on the developments in the company.

“Over the years, we have been studying different business models and product formats. We have purposely worked on continuous improvement and optimization in the areas of design and construction, customer experience, property management, and community development,” said DMCI Homes president Alfredo Austri.

“We have also recognized the strategic importance of digital transformation, partnership building, organizational and people development, and have placed resources to jumpstart supporting initiatives,” he added.

Austria said investments in these areas especially on IT initiatives give the company confidence and enthusiasm to purposely deal with the challenges presented by the current situation of the coronavirus affecting the way work and transactions are being done.

“Along with the rest of world, we are navigating uncharted waters but our progress and achievements in all these areas give us another reason to be more confident when we face the challenges at our doorstep,” said Austri.