In the midst of local and global economic shifts: InLife inspires to be financially secure this Chinese New Year

To welcome the Year of the Metal Rat, Insular Life Assurance Co. Ltd. (InLife) hosted the 2020 Economic Outlook and Tech Fund In-Focus Forum. The event featured finance experts and wealth planners to share their insights on how to manage finances and achieve stability in the midst of local and global economic growth.

As part of the pre-event, InLife’s executive officers and guests were treated to a special dragon and lion dance performance in celebration of Chinese New Year.

Securing your future this Chinese New Year
In the Year of the Metal Rat, managing finances can be a challenge especially if you’re unsure about what the year holds. Finance experts and wealth planners imparted their knowledge on how to remain secure, along with data about the local and global economic growth.

Ivan Ante, Global Multi-asset Portfolio Manager of ATRAM, emphasized that getting the right information, having the right analysis, and exercising the right actions are the steps to secure financial stability this Chinese New Year. He also discussed how the Philippine economy aids in making the right financial decisions.

“You can’t predict the future. If you don’t have the right information with you, how can you decide properly? You also have to bring the right information with you to get a proper conclusion. At the same time, you have to analyze the information in the right way and to diversify your wealth portfolio to prepare for 2020,” explains Ante.

Lim Pang Qi, Wholesale Director of Intermediary Sales for SEA of Fidelity International, discussed how big tech companies have changed the spectrum of the global economy. To show how far technology has come, he asked guests if they would rather lose their phone or wallet.

“All industry sectors did well in the previous year, but technology companies have become leaders in the global economy through time. Many years ago, you wouldn’t imagine how technology would be a big part of our daily life,” adds Lim.

Benefits of InLife’s Peso Global Tech Fund

InLife also launched its Peso Global Technology Fund during the forum.It is a peso-denominated fund where its investment is exposed to global technology companies.

Christina Delos Santos, Head of Products and E-commerce of InLife, and Andrew Caw, Head of ATR Asset Management Inc (ATRAM) Funds, also discussed about the features of the Peso Global Tech Fund and what sets it apart from other insurance and investment funds.

“Imagine being able to participate in companies or in current investment themes globally by this. Gone are the days that maliit ang investment universe natin. Now, our investment universe has expanded so much that you can have access to these kinds of companies,” adds Caw.

Among the strategies of the fund is finding the winners of the future and since inception, it has been outperforming the benchmark.

One of InLife’s seasoned Financial Advisors, Belen Pujol, discussed what she learned in her years as a financial practitioner. For Pujol, developing her knowledge about the modern portfolio theory and volatility of returns has helped her in providing lifetime partnerships with her clients.

“I’m always guided by what we call the modern portfolio theory simply because our goal is to make use of what we can provide to clients. In the cornerstone of this theory is diversification. For example, by adding securities in your existing portfolio that has a negative correlation to what you already have is a good strategy. Meaning, in any given market condition, they should not deliver the same result,” shares Pujol.

“The best way to optimize your portfolio is to have international diversification, to have a good mix of investments to basically reduce volatility,” she adds.

Pujol also expressed her excitement about the launch of the Peso Global Tech Fund, comparing it to a “Lego brick” that wouldn’t complete the project, but would improve it because investing is never done; never complete. That is how InLife’s Peso Global Tech Fund can benefit clients’ portfolios.

Mona Lisa Dela Cruz, InLife President and CEO, explains that the Peso Global Tech Fund is the first of its kind in local insurance since it maximizes technology to ensure financial stability. She added that it would be available on January 28 through InLife’s variable unit linked products.

“We are entering this segment at a right time, our world today is dominated by technology and the convenience to be so in the foreseeable future,” adds Dela Cruz.

To cap off the event, Pujol, Ante, Lim, and Caw answered queries regarding the Peso Global Tech Fund, and achieving financial security from the audience.

The 2020 Economic Outlook & Tech Fund In-Focus is the first of many of InLife’s “Maperaan” Series Forums which aims to guide more Filipinos to be Maperaan and make smart financial decisions through knowledge about savings, financial protection, retirement, and investments.


Consult your InLife financial advisor to help in ensuring financial stability in the Year of the Metal Rat. For inquiries about InLife’s Peso Global Tech Fund and other InLife insurance and investment products, visit