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Customer service is the lifeblood of every business. More than providing customers with high-quality products, giving them an easy, hassle-free, convenient shopping experience can help your business thrive in the industry.

If you want to set yourself apart from the rest, what you need to do is to bring to the table value-based customer service. With my years of experience in the retail industry, I learned that customer satisfaction is no longer good enough to survive in today’s competitive marketplace. What’s needed is customer delight. With this, you can establish your brand and will most likely result in a positive word-of-mouth recommendation.

Talking about how to provide consumers with great shopping experience, it was an honor to speak in front of thousands of global retail giants, industry experts and scholars, celebrities, government officials, as well as internationally known retail enterprises at the 19th Asia Pacific Retailers Conference and Exhibition (APRCE) in Chongqing, China.

APRCE, a biennial event organized by the Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Association (FAPRA), is considered one of the top retail conferences across the world with the greatest scale and influence in the Asian-Pacific region.

The author Rose Ong talks about customer service at the 19th Asia Pacific Retailers Conference and Exhibition (APRCE) in Chongqing, China.

FAPRA also recognizes companies, associations, and individuals for outstanding achievements in the retail industry in five categories: the most innovative retail concept, best marketing campaign, green retailer, best effort in retail employee training, and customer service excellence.

It is with great privilege to share with you that Wilcon Depot was internationally recognized for customer service excellence during the 19th APRCE. Setting the bar high in providing excellent customer service, Wilcon Depot has always been one step ahead in bringing something extra to its valued customers and industry partners, not only by providing the most extensive and high-grade building and home improvement products but also by offering exclusive services.

With today’s highly competitive businesses, every entrepreneur should keep in mind that investing and prioritizing in customer service efforts will help grow a business. No matter what industry, one must learn to adapt and give the customers’ best interest at heart. Here are some ways on how Wilcon Depot was able to elevate its customer service.

  • Expanding existing footprints. In widening brand presence, setting up new store expansion is a common strategy for all retailers. Opening new locations mean you can connect and reach the local shoppers in a certain area. Taking advantage of the growing demand for home improvement and construction supplies across the country, Wilcon Depot aims to establish its stores to more key cities and localities nationwide — making its stores closer to reach more Filipino homeowners and builders. For instance, Wilcon stores are strategically located in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Wilcon Depot has a 55-strong store network and is currently working on additional store expansions in the coming years. By 2025, Wilcon aims to have a total of 100 stores nationwide, barring from any unexpected external factors.

  • Using technology efficiency. Today’s customers expect to get a more convenient way of shopping with the emergence of technology in the industry. Constantly aiming to bring the innovative, excellent and convenient shopping experience to its valued customers, Wilcon Depot, launched its e-commerce website to provide customers the convenience of shopping wherever they are. Also, in creating a perfect online experience, Wilcon recently launched its Loyalty Mobile App, a level up to its loyalty program that aims to make shopping at Wilcon more rewarding. The mobile app allows each customer to earn and check their points, as well as convert their purchases to rewards.
  • Providing supplementary product choices and services. Providing a broader product assortment to customers is an advantage. Customers find it enjoyable to be surrounded by product choices as they shop. For Wilcon, it has been our commitment to providing the needs of industry professionals, homeowners, builders, and design enthusiasts with trusted local and international brands. Wilcon offers a wide array of products with high-grade features and superior quality ranging from tiles, sanitary wares, plumbing, furniture, home interior, building materials, hardware, electrical, appliances, and other DIY items.

Wilcon Depot also offers a multitude of added services like free parking spaces, reliable delivery service and tile cutting service, among others. To give its customers a convenient shopping experience, Wilcon has Design Hub, a service that allows customers in creating their desired 3D layout through a computer software with a cost estimate and product list. An ABCDE Lounge, which is designed for architects, builders, contractors, designers, and engineers, is a designated haven where they can conceptualize and create ideal projects together.

The international recognition in Customer Service Excellence awarded to Wilcon Depot is a testament to the Filipinos’ globally competitive and excellent customer-focused attributes. Wilcon Depot is committed to staying true to its mission to help Filipinos build, improve and refine their homes for a sustainable and comfortable life.

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