BLOQ bags Best Affordable Condo Development in Cebu award

The prestigious PropertyGuru Philippine Property Awards recently awarded BLOQ Residences as the Best Affordable Condo Development in Cebu.

Every BLOQ is strategically located at the heart of Cebu City’s urban spaces — specifically in the areas of Cebu Business Park, IT Park, Fuente, Cebu Uptown, and Cebu Downtown.

BLOQ took the Cebu market by a storm with its distinctive brand and unprecedented allure to thriving millennials. It is a project of RFK Holdings, Inc. (RFKHI), a real estate development company born in Cebu, Philippines dedicated to building and selling design-oriented homes.

Founded by the husband-and-wife tandem of Richard Ray and Fiona King, RFKHI came about because of the couple’s long search for the ideal home which would fit their personal preferences and budget. Their firsthand experience made them see the challenges that new couples also face when looking for a home.

The young founders spoke of BLOQ as their “dream of making modern and well-made homes accessible to Filipino young professionals.”

“We saw a need for young professionals to find an urban home that is safe, accessible and something they can proudly call their own,” explained Fiona.

BLOQ simply asks, “Why rent when you can own?” and delivers a product that is almost impossible to resist.

With each tower swiftly selling out upon launch, the founders take pride in each BLOQ unit becoming “an enduring landmark of millennial achievement, empowerment, and independence.” Packaged and priced in a way that meets the usual monthly rent, BLOQ allows any yuppie to enjoy all the benefits of real estate acquisition.

Further appealing to millennial sensibility is BLOQ’s modern design. RFKHI believes in the value of good design. As Richard Ray said of BLOQ’s design philosophy, “Simple and eloquent solutions will transcend trends. Utility and form both hold equal value.”

He adds, “There is beauty in restraint. BLOQ applies the discipline of restraint in the palette of materials and the restraint to prioritize what delivers value to our residents. In simplicity, BLOQ delivers more, allowing its residents to focus on what truly matters in life.”

RFKHI creates value in using reliable construction methodologies, investing in tested and proven materials, and delivering firmly to its commitment of building with integrity, and based on all the right specifications.

Aside from its standout and beautiful simplicity, BLOQ’s thoughtful planning is not hard to miss. Fiona adds that BLOQ aims to create optimum value for its buyers. “Aside from being thoroughly selective of our locations within the city, we plan every square meter of livable space well and create homes that are affordable to the market we serve.”

She considers the award by PropertyGuru Philippine Property Awards as “deeply humbling” and dedicates the award to the young dreamers and go-getters that BLOQ was designed for.

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