Vista Residences celebrates 10th year & new projects

(Maridol was assistant entertainment editor for 12 years at Philippine STAR until she moved to Yahoo Ph. She is now managing editor of BG Showbiz Plus magazine.)

The air was charged with excitement. The soft, warm glow of plastic bracelets encircled wrists in baby blue, mint green and bright pink. The millennial crowd filled wooden benches, and the buffet table was groaning with food.  Floral attire that spoke of summers with the sun and the wind blowing gently in the air was the outfit of the night.

It was a fitting kick-off party for MetaMOREphosis, which rolled out Vista Residences Inc.’s programs for 2019.

Vista Residences’ marketing department staff

The company’s first 10 years were filled with lofty goals and successes, and this year will be even more exciting, says Vista Land marketing manager Karl Tabucal.

“Our people have always been achievers who surpass what’s supposed to be their limits,” he proclaimed, pride in his voice.  “We will not only meet our goals this year, we will do even better.”

He admits that this year, the road to success is riddled with challenges. Competition is a lot stiffer. A lot more companies are seeing the potential of the local market and entering the playing field. Among these are foreign investors with big master plans and comprehensive developments.

“Asian, American and European influences in the field of design and development are coming in. Apart from local planners, you have international planners and projects. The market is very meticulous because you have a lot of choices,” Tabucal explains.

The rising number of OFWs and foreigners offers so many opportunities for developers because these families need properties.

This year’s smorgasbord of choices is found right smack in the middle of the action: España, Taft, Malate, Baguio and Makati.

Vista Residences is building and developing with such  frenzy and energy you can’t help but get caught up in the momentum.

“We’re the biggest developer in Baguio. We have four projects which no other national developer can match in scope,” says Tabucal.

Philippine STAR’s Babes Adriano, Vista Residences’ Rica Villar, Karl Tabucal and Bea Tan, Business World’s Janneth  Dominguez and Mark Cunanan, Pilipino STAR’s Dem de Jesus and BW’s Lei  Sison.

The projects show respect for Mother Nature as an environmental scan of the area and nearby attractions precedes everything. Then the design follows. Wide, open spaces and large windows let warm, natural light in and play up the beauty of nature. Rainwater nourishes plants and makes green living as effortless as breathing.

People from all walks of life have rallied to the Vista battle cry of conquering more hearts and minds, and they’re not necessarily realtors used to the industry’s ins and outs. They’re nurses, business consultants and owners who see so much promise in Vista’s real estate landscape.

For them and those like them who give their all, Vista is offering the reward that would literally take them places near and far: a brand-new Toyota Innova for top performers.

This year is different because of its “You Can” campaign of self-empowerment. “We’ve seen people, some of whom may seem disadvantaged, emerge as top performers. They’re able to establish their careers in Vista Residences,” observes Tabucal.

One of the Toyota Innovas that Vista Residences is raffling off to its business partners and sales agents.

After all, while striking gold is important, the Vista culture goes way beyond big bucks. It has as much to do with helping people become a better version of themselves. They perform better and help the company grow with them. That’s the spirit of growth for you.  That’s the can-do culture Vista Residence is proud to have.

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