The flourishing Philippine floriculture industry

The imminent threat of climate change and the growing concern for the preservation and conservation of plant species have brought about a renewed interest in gardening.

Plants have vital importance in maintaining the ecological balance of life since they are sources of food, they function as habitat both for humans, animals and other plants, clean carbon dioxide from the air and give off the life-giving oxygen. Furthermore, plants provide us raw materials for housing and infrastructure, they are therapeutic medicines to cure diseases and ailments, and they provide beauty in landscaping and our homes.

Nowadays there is interest in various plants that were not valued before. There are tremendous breeding efforts to produce outstanding plants like aglaonema bromeliads, tillandsia, hoyas, bougainvillea, bonsai, flowering annuals, hibiscus, cactus, succulent and euphorbias and most especially orchids.

These plants are now being mass propagated by the thousands or millions, conventionally in plant nurseries and unconventionally in plant tissue culture laboratories. Various inputs and technologies have now been developed to support the ever-growing floriculture industry, which includes pots, fertilizers, agri-chemicals, greenhouses, potting media, garden accessories, and many others.

The Philippine Orchid Society on its 73rd anniversary is restaging the highly successful Flora Filipina Expo 2019 on Feb. 24 to March 5 at the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak, Quezon Memorial Circle, Elliptical Road, Diliman, QC.

A three-day conference from Feb. 24 to 26 will be held at Brentwood Suites, 6 Drive Garcia St., Bgy. Paligsahan, QC. The conference aims to inform the local growers on the latest trends in the international scene. There is also a lecture series for ordinary gardeners and plant enthusiasts.

Lectures at the Flora Filipina Expo are on Feb. 27 Basic Orchid Growing by Andres Golamco Jr.; Feb. 28 Basic Care for Cactus  and Succulent for Beginners by Lino Rom; Mar. 1  Introduction to Philippine Native Trees by Cel Tungol;  Mar. 2 New Trends in Flower Arranging by Floral Designers’ Circle; Mar. 3 Fern Gardening in the Philippines by Anthony Arbias; Mar. 4 Controlling pest & Diseases in Orchids by Norby Bautista;  Mar. 5 Sowing and planting Enchanting Flowers in pots by Allied Botanical Corp.

For information, call Jenny Rivera at (0917) 848-5468 or 9573524.