Comfy and personal: A glimpse into 2024’s home design trends

If you’re among the many who are already thinking about how they will decorate, rearrange, and style their homes for 2024, delve into this brief overview of home design predictions for next year.

Warm, rich, and cozy colors will be in vogue. Think earthy browns, caramel, beige, coral, sepia, and deep oranges. Bold and intense colors bring comfort, calmness, and a homely feel to spaces. They embrace you in a soft, welcoming hug. People will want to saturate their interiors in vivid colors or monochrome hues that exude playfulness or adventure.

Quality pieces and sustainable, locally sourced furniture will be all the rage. Cheap, mass-produced pieces are on their way out. People are becoming increasingly concerned about the origin of materials and their environmental impact, so they are looking to invest in longer-lasting furniture with a smaller environmental footprint.

Hand-tooled, bespoke pieces are so 2024. Some interior designers predict that homeowners will be eager to showcase handmade and unique artisanal work in their homes this coming year. From handmade ceramic tiles and hand-carved wood furnishings to handblown glass and hand-stitched tapestry—these are all going to be big next year. This trend also encompasses folk art, heirloom pieces, and antique or vintage items. Interior design experts foresee a fusion of global design elements within home spaces in 2024. Culturally diverse accent pieces like colorful pillows, exotic rugs, and patterned fabrics will be favored. 

Materials will lean towards being natural, interesting, and creative. In 2024, people are going to look for unique materials that stand out. They would want their spaces to make a statement while creating depth, texture and warmth. These pieces tell a story, and that is one of the things that will be popular next year.

Curves and soft shapes. These include furniture that are curvy, as opposed to hard glass, straight lines, and steel. Designers anticipate a resurgence of scalloped details in furnishings, and shapely designs in mirror frames, carved wood, rounded sofas, and the like. 

Comfort is the name of the game. Because people are still working from their homes or adopting hybrid setups, preferences will lean toward comfortable and homey spaces. Luxurious fabrics and soft finishes or textures will be in vogue, along with multipurpose spaces and personalized rooms. 

People will seek to truly own their space next year, creating personalized rooms and homes that reflect their adventurous spirit. Many will work ardently to physically manifest their home design dreams, and 2024 is just the right time to do so.