Essential kitchen appliances that are worth the investment

Household chores can be tiring, but having the right home appliances will definitely save you time and energy and make your life easier.

In kitchen tasks, for example, you need the right partner, from cooking your favorite food and baking delicious desserts to cleaning the dishes.

Though some appliances are quite expensive, there are home appliances that are worth the expense. Wilcon Depot offers Hamden, an exclusive brand for kitchen appliances. Hamden products have a sleek appearance yet have top-grade qualities, making these truly worth your investment.

Hamden Dishwasher

Equipping your kitchen with dishwashers can save you from tiresome cleaning after cooking and eating. Hamden dishwasher provides an intensive washing option for dishes and utensils with more adhesive, burned-in, or dried on food remnants. It has triple filtration features that prevent dirt and residues from clogging the drainage pump. This dishwasher has a child lock safety feature that prevents children from accidentally pressing or changing the mode of the appliance and has an added ECO cleaning mode that will help you save water and electricity without compromising cleaning satisfaction.

Hamden Range hood

Range hoods are designed to eliminate smoke, steam, and unpleasant odor during cooking and to improve the air quality of the whole area, keeping it smelling fresh and healthy. Hamden range hoods come in different styles and designs from the wall-mounted, island, under cabinet, canopy, slide-out, or chimney range hoods. Hamden range hoods are designed with top-grade stainless steel and tempered glass.

Hamden Gas Range

Hamden offers a gas range that combines a cooktop and an oven. You can cook your favorite dishes and bake your dessert simultaneously. It is made from high-grade stainless steel and tempered glass for a more efficient cleaning and durable body, perfect for a long-lasting cooking experience in the kitchen. It is designed with a cavity cooling system that keeps the handles and knobs cool. Hamden ovens feature cool-to-touch doors with its three-layer glass door, making the exterior safe to touch. Hamden cooking range is available in three, four, and five gas burners.

Hamden Gas Burner

Hamden gas burners come in different sizes, colors, finishes, style and materials. These gas burners are engineered with Italian technology and designed with a flame failure device for added safety and cast iron support. Its sleek and modern-looking tempered glass surface allows you to cook more efficiently. With its easy and instant temperature adjustments, gas burners can give a more precise heat distribution—making cooking quick and even. It is easy to clean and maintain with the four-layer steel explosion-proof glass surface that is heat resistant and shockproof. Hamden gas burners are available in two-, three-, and four-gas burners and electric hot plates.

Hamden Induction Hob

Make your life in the kitchen more accessible and more enjoyable with Hamden induction hobs that provide superior cooking performance. It is designed with intelligent features such as cool-to-touch surface, automatic shut-off, overheat protection, child lock, residual heat indicator, and auto-pan detection.

Hamden Built-in Microwave Oven

When you want to save space in your kitchen area, you can opt for a built-in microwave installation integrated with your kitchen wall, island, or cabinet. This type of microwave can provide a seamless look in your kitchen. It is one of the most essential appliances that you should have in your home. Microwave ovens are designed to make cooking and reheating meals as fast and easy as pushing a button. Hamden built-in microwave ovens are available in 20 liters and 25 liters capacities. 

Hamden Rice Cooker

A rice cooker is worth a spot in your kitchen space, specifically designed to cook rice perfectly and more conveniently. Many of these rice cookers come in multiple sizes. A Hamden rice cooker has a 1.5-liter capacity and a 1.8-liter capacity with a steamer.

Fill your home with Hamden kitchen appliances that can make your kitchen tasks easier and more convenient. Investing in high-end appliances can help you save money and time.

Hamden kitchen appliances are exclusively available at Wilcon Depot. You can shop at Wilcon with its 78 store locations nationwide or shop online at

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