Red flags in the kitchen you might have missed

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. Those who love to cook feel very much at home in this area. It is an oasis, a paradise of sorts.

But sometimes, accidents such as fire can emanate from the kitchen. A dirty kitchen floor can also cause people to slip or fall. Thus, it is important to always keep the kitchen safe and clean—at all times.

It’s high time we ask ourselves this question: Are there any red flags in my kitchen?

Sometimes, the most common things around our kitchen might actually tell us that something could go wrong. It is important that we regularly see possible risks and figure out how to address them to avoid  accidents.

To help keep our kitchen—and the entire household safe, check if these hazards are around:

Improper storage of equipment

You might get excited about having your own set of kitchenware and appliances, but make sure you store them properly. Don’t overstuff cabinets to avoid falling objects and unwanted accidents. The last thing you want is to turn your kitchenware into a mess you have to clean up.

Dirty cleaning tools

Maintaining a great-looking kitchen means having the right tools for the job. Leaving your cleaning equipment dirty will only lead to a bigger mess next time you clean up. Make sure to keep your tools in their best condition.

No fire extinguisher in the kitchen

There are several reasons why a fire can start in the kitchen. It is important that you’re ready for one if it happens. Quick solutions like a damp cloth or a lid to cover a fire can do the job sometimes, but it’s not always enough to address the emergency. The best option is to invest in a fire extinguisher. Put it within reach at all times.

Odd and mysterious smells  in the kitchen

Do you smell rotten eggs in your kitchen but all your food seems fine? If yes, your LPG tank might be leaking. Turn off all appliances and keep all sources of fire off as you disconnect the tank and bring it to a ventilated area. The smell should be gone with enough time and proper ventilation.

This is a big red flag; however, it only happens when you buy fake or substandard LPG tanks that have not gone through rigorous inspections.

Avoid fake LPG tanks

Avoiding gas leaks and other accidents is easy when you buy your LPG from Solane authorized dealers. Genuine Solane tanks are guaranteed to have gone through proper safety checks before they are released for sale in the market. Gas leaks are more likely to happen and cause accidents when you use fake or illegal LPG tanks or when the LPG tank is not installed properly.

Every time you buy a genuine Solane tank, you always get the 7-point Safety Check. This service, exclusive to genuine Solane tanks, is available to all home deliveries to ensure that every household will remain safe and secure.