Living room decorating mistakes to avoid

The living room is the most important space in the house when it comes to decorating because the very purpose of it is for us to live in it. It is the room where you sit for coffee or tea, entertain with guests, as well as have a conversation with your loved ones and friends.

But there are certain things in decorating and arranging that don’t help at all.

Here are some of the decorating mistakes that make your room look tacky or overdone that you can avoid the next time you try to rearrange your things in the living room.

Everything’s uniformed

In arranging your furniture, it does not always have to be of the same color, texture, and pattern. For sure many of us are guilty of buying furniture sets for our living rooms but you don’t need to. It is still better to mix and match your pieces at home.

Too large furniture

Finding the right balance is the key to putting every furniture in place in a room. Don’t buy big furniture because it can make your space crowded. The trick to have all these items together in a room is to arrange your pieces in a smart way with enough space to breathe.

Furniture set

If you have a large family but a small room, a group of one seater or two seater sofas can make better use of the space than a sectional one. Reserve your beautiful living room for meaningful pieces that serve a purpose.

Dark furniture for a small space

Color coordination matters in interior design. Don’t put dark furniture in the living room, especially if it is a small space, as it will make the space look even smaller than it actually is.

Dark furniture

Furniture with light neutral colors is perfect in a small room. You can also use wood furniture on the light side of the room as it adds variation in texture and pattern which makes a room more visually appealing.

Wrong size of rug or carpet

A carpet or rug is definitely one of the most important elements in a room. Although it actually brings furniture together in a living room, it is better if you choose the right size according to the space that you have in your room.

A rug or carpet

Typical living room rug sizes are at least six to eight inches wider than your sofa on both sides and 30 to 36 inches of walkway between the furniture. If your living room can’t allow it, 18 to 24 inches of walkway can do. By doing this, your living space would not look scattered.

Wrong choice of sofa

Another mistake made in living rooms is choosing the wrong sofa, especially when you’re trying to make an old sofa work in your new space and you throw scale and proportion completely out the window.

A sofa

Choose a sofa that is the correct size for your room by measuring the space as well as knowing the dimensions that you can play around with. Make sure also that a sofa is comfortable as it is the main attraction in the living space.