Boost your productivity while working from home

Working from home has been the new norm for many jobs since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it’s so easy to play hooky when you’re working at home.

So, if you ever catch yourself bumming around, check out these five things that can boost your productivity and make you an efficient worker away from the office.

Choose a proper work space

Back at the office, we got used to just working in one space with an organized desk that houses the essentials of our work.

However, at home, it is quite hard to get your job done when your work space is clearly a place where you chill, like the bedroom or the kitchen.

Work cannot get done when the aura of your home work space can make you feel idle and lethargic. Choose a designated work space  that can be synonymous with the office desk you have at work that can keep you focused on your tasks.

Transform one of your vacant spaces at home into your office desk and give it a vibe as if you are in the office.

Peace of mind

Yoga and meditation are some activities that you can do when you feel like being idle and stressed.

Doing these mind-boosting activities, especially early in the morning before work, can increase your focus, improve self-awareness, and reduce your stress levels.

Once those stressors and laziness enter the body, fight them back with simple breathing exercises through intense meditative practices. Inhale, exhale.

Ready, set, goals!

Setting daily and weekly goals that contribute to your job tasks and projects can make you look forward to every day working at home, keeping yourself busy and focused on the job you need to do.

Entering another workday at home without any goals in mind would just leave you staring at a blank wall, wondering what to do next.

It is best to write down these goals and put them near your work space to constantly remind you that something needs to be done. Adding goals in your life, be it short-term or long-term, can make you anticipate every day with zeal and without fear of uncertainty.

Hello, i’m here

Making your presence known to your superiors and work colleagues is a great way to boost your productivity while working from home.

Actively participating in conference meetings, asking your superiors for any job to do, asking for feedback, and asking for help from your colleagues can give you 100 percent focus on your work. Plus, your superiors can see the passion and dedication you put into your job when you choose to be active rather than being eaten up by laziness.

Hello, I’m here! Ready for duty!

Give yourself a break

Working all day, especially at home, can be draining physically and mentally. Don’t forget to always give yourself a break to recoup the lost vigor of working.

Set a precise time for breaks at home and maximize it by reflecting, doing self-improvement, or taking time to breathe. Do anything to simply refresh yourself from a stressful stack of work.

Remember that working from home doesn’t mean that rest is no longer needed. We just need to set a time for work and a time for rest at a place we consider our tranquil zone.