Save for space: 5 tips to make your room look spacious

Lliving in a small room can cramp our mobility and make us lazy. But thanks to simple, creative hacks, we can make our small space appear bigger without a lot of effort.

• Do not paint your room with dark colors. Instead, use lighter tones such as light blue, pink, or off-white. There are many options of color palettes to play around with. Light colors keep your mood lighter and provide a more fresh and airy experience. They also reflect more light in your room.

Your room should not have sharp colors or patterns. Using dark colors allows the paint to absorb light, making your room look smaller. Always remember, brighter colors help lift a person’s mood.

• Get rid of all the furniture pieces you don’t need. Although it’s nice to have more things in your room, it is still better to get rid of some of them as they will  just take up space in your room.

Avoid unnecessary furniture items and decorations that will only make you feel suffocated. For example, you don’t need an extra side table or cabinet as they will only clutter the room.

Avoid unnecessary furniture items to create more space.

• Avoid large furniture. To create more space, purchase a small chair instead of a bulky sofa. It is also better to buy furniture with a multi-purpose use like a bed with drawers at the bottom or a sofa that converts to a bed. Space can be created by making the right use of it.

• Mirrors are essential. If you want your room to look spacious, have mirrors on your wall. Put a mirror at the back of your closet or incorporate it into your décor. Aside from the aesthetics it gives, it also creates the illusion of a bigger space as well as visual height or depth. But be careful in locating mirrors in your room as, according to feng shui, mirrors could be the culprit if you’re having a hard time sleeping at night.

Mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space and visual height or depth.

Feng shui experts say mirrors are thought to bounce energy around the room that may cause restlessness and escalate worries.

• Organize your things. A room that is well organized and managed is always better than a cluttered room.

To organize your room, put your jewelry in the jar and pens in the drawer so it will look clean and neat.
Buy furniture pieces like this multi-purpose bed with drawers at the bottom to save space in your room.

Fix your bed neatly to start your day. Second, arrange your clothes by putting them in the cabinet or closet properly. Next, put your jewelry in a nice container and your pens in the drawer. Lastly, keep the floors clean all the time.