Want to get your home fluffed? Here are some tips from a top interior designer

Upgrade your living space without tearing down or putting up walls in your home.

Want to breathe new life into your home without major renovations? Home fluffing might be your best bet.

According to Interior designer Cyndi Fernandez-Beltran — who has showcased her decades-long experience in interior design, event, and exhibit design for global brands like Netflix, Hermes, and Tom Ford — home fluffing involves a space revamp in quick and fuss-free ways. This entails minor movements such as adding soft furnishings, rearranging furniture, perking up a wall, and bringing in some pops of color.

If you feel like upgrading your living space without tearing down or putting up walls, read on for some of the licensed interior designer’s top tips and tricks.

Know your intent

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself: What’s your purpose in redecorating your space? Is it to make you feel good? Is it to declutter? Is it to add a function?

In adding personal touches, put together some of your fave things on a shelf or table.

“You have to pin down your intent so you can meet your wants and needs as you update your place,” Fernandez-Beltran told Property Report.

Filter through your ideas

It’s natural for everyone to have too many ideas when redesigning a space. It could, however, overwhelm you in the execution phase. “It’s important that when you put together your home pegs, figure out their common ground, what you like about them, and how they make you feel because sometimes, liking something is just fleeting,” she said.

“Put out everything you like, and then do an elimination process by slowly pulling out what you don’t like. You’d be surprised — out of 50 photos you initially had on your board, you’d end up with around 10.”

Assess your space and the things you have

“Don’t get intimated, don’t think that redecorating requires everything to be new,” the Moss Manila co-founder said. “Check what you have, see what you can repurpose, the old things you can make new. Sometimes, even little movements and additions could already do the trick.”

When putting together your home pegs, figure out their common ground.

Go for a good color palette

“If you can’t afford to have a full decoration, the challenge could lie in how to merge the old and the new things you’re introducing to the space. The trick there is to have a unified color scheme,” she added.

Make it personal

In adding personal touches, you can focus on wall galleries and vignettes, which is a combination of your favorite things that you can put together on a shelf or table.

Fernandez-Beltran said that home fluffing, or decorating in general, is not about following trends. “It’s really about how you suit your space very well for you — what works for you, and what doesn’t work for you,” she said.