For the Year of the Water Tiger, Aim High, Double Your Efforts

The year of the Water Tiger starts on February 1, 2022. What’s in store for us this year? Will it be better than the previous one? Are we going to be plagued by illness, unrest, and economic woes? Or are we going to finally see an improvement in our lives this year? Property Report talked to Filipino astrologer and practitioner of traditional feng shui Resti Santiago, and this is what he has to say.

Signs of improvement

In the Year of the Water Tiger, the good news is that the elements of the year are in harmony. There will be growth and dynamism. The pandemic may not be over, but we will see signs of improvement this year. It’s important to note that the Omicron surge is happening in the Year of the Ox.

The property sector

Earth is relatively weak because it is being controlled by Tiger’s element, Wood. Those involved in property-related businesses need to be more cautious. There will be opportunities for those with keen business acumen. The key, therefore, is to seize the opportunity when they come and to decide or act with speed. So if you want to win big in the property market this 2022, do your homework, study the market, and do your research.

Unlucky sectors

In order to minimize bad energy in one’s space, it’s important to take note of the unlucky sectors. This changes every year and for the Year of the Water Tiger, the sectors to avoid are the following: center, Southwest, and specific sectors of the house such as the Northeast 3, 52.5 degrees to 67.5 degrees and the Southwest 3, 232.5 to 247.5 degrees. These directions are taken from the center of the house. Do not activate these sectors by too much activity such as wall-banging, drilling, or renovation. In case you absolutely have to, then astrological timing is needed.

Lucky areas

The luckiest areas this year are the Northeast, North, and West. If you want to increase your sales or opportunities to make money, spend more time in the Northeast sector of the house. If you want to meet more helpful people and high-paying clients, use or spend more time in the North sector of the house. If you need to do a lot of talking and speaking either through sales activities or webinars, the West sector is the best area for that.

Filipino astrologer and practitioner of traditional feng shui, Resti Santiago

Rituals, visualization and meditation

In Traditional Feng Shui, of which Resti Santiago is a proponent, there is no need to buy so-called “feng shui items” to activate certain lucky sectors. Lucky charms only affect our emotions, which can be good but is limited in its efficacy in terms of activating qi. The best way to tap into it is by using the lucky spaces to work on our tasks. Rituals coupled with meditation can also be effective if your intentions are clear. Performing rituals and visualizing the manifestation of goals can align our personal energy with the qi around us.

Avoiding illness and dealing with tragedy

To avoid illness, we must protect the stove. The illness star is now in the Southwest sector, so the stove must not be in that sector. Take note also that the stove is not placed in direct line with a door.

To improve one’s health, a balancing of the elements in our body is required. A well-balanced diet, enough sleep, and meditation will be helpful.

Mental health could be an issue this year as Water indicates strong or uncontrolled emotions. To promote balance and harmony in the home or workplace, meditation can help. Those who are prone to or those who have mental health issues should avoid the East sector.

As far as tragedy is concerned, we cannot avoid it if it’s meant to happen. But a mind that is prepared and alert, through meditation, can overcome rather than succumb. This is not the year to be complacent and it will definitely pay to be cautious.

Resti Santiago’s advice as to the best approach to take this year? “Aim high and double your efforts.”