How to design and organize your home for longevity

Longevity experts agree that the way we design our homes and spaces affects our lifespan. There are ways to build our homes and organize the elements inside it so that we are unconsciously nudged towards making healthy choices. And since we have been spending more time at home, it is more important to pay attention to how we design and organize our living space. Here then are some home design tips for longer life.

Choose low furniture pieces. It does not only prevent falls for older people or those with injuries or disabilities, it also promotes more movement and exercise, particularly if you use the floor for sitting, like how some Asians do it. The constant squats can lead to a stronger lower body, added flexibility and balance.

Design your bedroom for a good night’s rest. Adequate rest and sleep is needed for health and longevity, so prioritize the proper design of your bedroom. Set it up such that you can sleep peacefully—eliminate noise, maintain cleanliness, remove clutter, choose the right mattress and pillows, etc. Create an overall mood that is conducive to sleeping. 

Grow pots of herbs by the window or on the porch. Or, plant a garden if you have the space. The idea is to grow edibles so you can spend more time in the sun, breathe more fresh air, get more exercise. Plus, you’ll enjoy the nutritional benefits of eating fresh produce from your own backyard or herb garden.

Have big windows. This allows natural light to stream into the room and fresh air to enter, as well. You’ll enjoy the healthy boost and save on power or electricity, too.

Accident-proof your bathrooms. Since many accidents happen in the shower, take extra care when designing the bathroom—use mats or slip-proof tiles to prevent slips, add grab bars, incorporate a bench or stool for added comfort, install shelves that are easy to reach, etc.


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