Is your kitchen ready for the holidays?

Holidays, especially celebrations in the Philippines, are all about feasting. From reunions to intimate dinners, from the Noche Buena to the Media Noche, people just love coming together to enjoy each other’s company and to eat! And when there is eating, there will be a lot of cooking. 

Make sure your kitchen is ready for the marathon cook fests, especially your LPG tank—the fuel of the holiday feasts. Here are a few tips to ensure safety and efficiency.

Only have trusted LPG in your kitchen. Be careful about where you buy your LPG tanks because there are plenty of illegal refillers out there selling cheaper, counterfeit options that don’t go through the right safety processes. Dysfunctional LPG cylinders can easily cause fires and other dangerous kitchen accidents, so source your LPG only from trusted brands like Solane.

Keep LPG tanks in the right place. While we see plenty of households do this, it’s important to know that one should never hide the LPG tank inside a kitchen cabinet. These cylinders need to be placed in well-ventilated areas to avoid trapping gas particles that can accumulate in the kitchen and eventually pose a risk for fires or explosions. Keep it away from open flames and other heat sources, too, like electric outlets to avoid accidental ignition. Lastly, avoid placing your tank near flammable materials like cloth or solvents, and in areas that are prone to natural disasters. If you have unused cylinders, store them upright in a well-ventilated and secure area, away from heat and other possible sources of ignition.

Make sure your LPG is in good shape. Make it a habit to regularly check for leaks. Even a small gas leak, when neglected, can fill an entire room, and the smallest flame – even from a cigarette butt – can easily ignite that. To check for leaks, apply soapy water on your LPG cylinder using a sponge or spray bottle. Any leak on your tank, even a tiny one, will make the soapy water bubble. Also, check if your hose is still in good condition. Hoses are at their best when replaced every two years. Make sure that the regulator is securely attached to the cylinder valve, too. Replacing the regulator is recommended 5 years after the manufacturing date.

With all of the busyness of the holidays, we might forget or overlook safety and security in some aspects of our lives. Safety should always be a priority. When it comes to LPG, opt for the country’s most trusted LPG brand, Solane.

Solane Kitchen Moments

If you’re looking for ideas on what dishes to prepare for the holiday parties, check out Solane Kitchen Moments on YouTube—a platform for some of the country’s best cooks as they teach us their most iconic dishes. 

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