Home Interior Design Trends for 2022

The new year is almost upon us and many homeowners are already starting to plan their home makeover based on the latest home interior design trends. You can replicate these designs to transform your home into a stunning showcase. I invite you to discover what your future home might look like through Wilcon Depot’s home interior design trends report for 2022.

Extra Minimalism

The minimalist design remains popular as it enhances the livability and coziness of space despite having few features. Extra minimalism uses limited and muted colors, clean lines, and smooth textures. This design highlights a home’s basic look, making it appear clean and simple. Furthermore, the monochromatic palette heightens visual interest through the use of different textures, finishes, and contrasts.

70s Retro

If you want to achieve a nostalgic vibe in your home, the 70s retro-inspired design is perfect for you. It is all about vibrant colors, fluid shapes, artful patterns and textures. To achieve this look, embrace the mix of modern and eclectic styles and the various forms of vintage furniture and decor pieces. It represents boldness in creating fun and lively interiors by layering different hues and shapes that don’t compete with one another.


Bringing nature into your home is one of the best interior moves that you can do this coming year. Seeing the plants grow and the flowers bloom inside the home gives a sense of calm, serenity, and satisfaction within. To incorporate greenery in your space, find the perfect spot for the plants and flowers you want to use. Any space will look and feel fresher and healthier when you bring the outdoors in. You can also use colors that are inspired by nature, like green, blue, yellow, and neutral tones such as beige, white, and brown.

Velvet Interiors

Velvet interior design now steals the spotlight for the coming year, which is the perfect time to incorporate velvet furnishings and to infuse a more luxurious touch into your interior space. Velvet—the soft, smooth, lush fabric—genuinely stands out from the rest with its elegant, vibrant, and refined vibe. It also adds warmth and a welcoming feeling that elevates the overall atmosphere of your space.

Home Office

Setting up home offices and creating productive spaces at home is still essential. Keep in mind that functionality, comfort, aesthetics, and practicality must reign supreme. Pick the best location at home and furnish it with the right office furniture and equipment.


The next home interior design obsession is cottagecore, which is great if you want a homey look and a modern farmhouse vibe. With a little effort at combining white with various wood surfaces and textures, you can create a rustic feeling within your space. This design also highlights fresh florals and greenery accents to up your home’s aesthetic value a notch.

French Royal

Transform your home using the French Royal inspiration to embody classic elegance and timeless beauty. Live like royalty as you equip your space with furniture pieces that are characterized by a grandiose style, featuring gorgeously carved wood and vibrant fabrics. It exudes sophistication, refinement, luxury, and streamlined elegance.

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