Gifting in the new normal

At a time when almost everyone’s spending most of their time at home and unable to get together for celebrations, gifting remains a beautiful way to reach out and express our love and appreciation for others. The pandemic has not eradicated this activity since there are online stores and delivery services that we can use to continue sending presents.

In fact, gifting has reached a whole new level in terms of creativity and thoughtfulness—we are constantly looking for ways to put together the perfect and most thoughtful care package, sympathy gift, or celebratory kit for that special someone. We have some time to search online for the appropriate store or seller, and the most friendly prices. 

Weekend game package. You can send this to families, couples, children, etc. Choose appropriate games that the recipients will enjoy. For example, board games for kids, a huge puzzle for a family, a trendy game for couples, and so on. Throw in some snacks and drinks and you’re good to go.

Coffee addict gift set. Order some delicious beans, a double-wall mug or some other fancy cup, a simple coffee maker or press, biscotti, and chocolate for making mocha. You can even include a nice book in the package. For sure, your gift will lift the spirits of your coffee lover friend!

Sick care pack. A lot of people are getting sick and it’s really sad when someone you love is going through a rough patch. Prayers, encouraging words, and a simple care pack will definitely make them feel the love. Include medicine, a soup mix, tea bags, fruits, some tissues, lozenges, oils and massage creams, other wellness products, a leather-bound journal, and maybe a bunch of flowers or a cute toy to make them smile.

Frontliner appreciation box. If you have a frontliner in your life and you know he or she needs a little pick-me-up, you can send a box with bottles of vitamins, ready-to-drink nourishing juices, granola bars or other tasty snacks, fresh fruits, and a few items to help them relax at night or during weekends: facial mask, essential oils, body scrub, loofah, moisturizing lotion, skincare products, and the like. 

Sympathy gifts. If you want to send your grieving friend or relative a gift to show your love and sympathy, here are some ideas to consider. Send comfort food like nourishing soup mixes, fruits in season, cheese and crackers, chocolates, nuts, and a lovely bunch of flowers. Another option would be to send plants like succulents in a nice ceramic pot, herbs, or a lush indoor plant. You can even throw in a fat, scented candle and some aromatherapy oils and burner if you like.

A jar of hope. If you have more time in your hands, consider writing down 30 of your favorite quotes on small, colorful paper squares; fold them up and put them in a pretty jar to give the recipient daily encouragement for a whole month. It’s a thoughtful and meaningful gesture for someone who is going through a difficult time, for whatever reason. Instead of quotes, you can scribble your personal notes or messages, or verses from the Bible.