Five things to consider before splurging on furniture

If you’re moving into a new, unfurnished home or just looking to upgrade your old furniture, it’s best not to get ahead of yourself and purchase the first thing you see. Furniture pieces are investments, which should last a lifetime.

Here are things you should consider before making that big-ticket purchase. 


Setting a budget becomes important especially if you’re buying bigger pieces like sofas, tables, or couches. Budgeting will make sure you won’t break the bank just by buying a dining table or a bookshelf. 

Decide on what pieces of furniture need to be updated — this will help you separate your needs from your wants and prioritize the pieces you need the most.

It’s also helpful to keep a lookout on discounts and sales. Keeping an eye out on these might help save you hundreds, if not thousands of pesos.


If you’re going to be spending a lot of money, it’s best to prioritize quality. Don’t be afraid to test out the furniture in the stores: open the drawers, pull the dresser doors to check for creaking, or tip the dining table chair. It’s always better to be sure that the piece you’re splurging on will last you a long time.

Some things you should consider when checking quality are the materials used for construction, craftsmanship, and the finish.

Available space 

You can only have so much space in a room before it becomes difficult to move around and you can’t help but knock things over. 

You should always plan carefully to ensure that you’ll have ample space once your big pieces arrive at your doorstep. You can sketch out a floorplan of your room and include the measurements of the doorway, windows, and other features of your home that are unmovable. Although it seems archaic, it will give you a reference as you envision the placement of your future pieces.


Allow your lifestyle to determine how you use your space, as well as the colors and fabrics you choose. An all-white sofa might not be the best option if you have children or pets. Instead, a sturdy, well-constructed sofa with mid to dark tones with stain-resistant fabric may be a better choice. 


Colors have the ability to brighten up your room or make your space feel bigger, but if you’re planning to buy a yellow couch because your accent wall is yellow, it might be better to hold that thought. Experts recommend sticking with neutral colors, especially for bigger and more expensive pieces. This gives you more leeway to mix-and-match the colors in your room, allowing you to save bolder ones for your décor pieces.

Of course, these are all just things to consider. If you end up wanting to buy a neon green couch, then you’re definitely free to do so! Don’t let someone talk you into buying something you’re not one hundred percent sure about getting. In the end, it is your opinion that matters because it is your home.