The most helpful tips for a calm home (and mind) in the time of pandemic

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, our homes have all the more become our “safe spaces.”

As we deal with our worries and fears amid the rising number of infections in the country, it’s best to make it a point that our own sanctuaries evoke a sense of peace and calm.

Need some tips on how you can create a calm home (and mind) during this time? Below, the woman behind home improvement brand Tidily Ever After shares how you can do that through minimalism.

Minimize first, organize after

While minimalism may vary from person to person, it simply involves “a mindset of getting rid of what you don’t need, making more room in your homes, and your lives, for what’s really important.” Decluttering does not cost a penny, but it can yield magical results, including a great flow of abundance and inspiration.

Before and After Decluttering

After decluttering, you have to figure out which accessories can bring the most form and function to your abode. Take for example this multi-function caddy by Tidily Home, which serves as a lovely piece for different items—from school supplies and pantry essentials to beauty products and even liquor.

Black caddy

Bring the outside in

According to Canto, adding a nature feature to your work area can keep your creative juices flowing and reduce stress. “Indoor plants make your home feel more alive and less sterile, improve air quality, and boost your mood,” she explained. For starters, you can go for low maintenance plants, plant cuttings, or a bouquet of fresh flowers to breathe new life into your home.


Be mindful of your senses

The key to a cozy home, stressed Canto, is good lighting. You can start your day with natural light to improve your overall mood and then sleep in pitch black darkness for a good sleep cycle. Additionally, colors also play a role in the overall look of your place. “Some people love pops of color while others prefer neutral palettes. Your opinion is the only important one,” she declared. Other things you can do to soothe your senses are making use of home scents, playing your favorite songs, having a cup of tea, and snuggling up in bed with a blanket.

Make way for “calm corners” for everyone at home

A quiet corner for everyone in your house where they can pray, meditate, read, or just drown themselves in their thoughts can give them the right headspace. “These spaces are a great way for us, and our kids, to be mindful of our strong emotions especially during the pandemic,” she explained.


Spending more time at home could mean more screen time for some people. Has it been the case for you? While it’s completely understandable, taking a break from your gadgets from time to time can help you with your well-being and quality of life. “Scheduling regular breaks of ten minutes every two hours helps rest your eyes throughout the day,” she said, highlighting the importance of boundaries at the end of each day. “You don’t always have to be on and available all the time. Balance is key and setting healthy boundaries will help give you the calm you need,” concluded Canto.

Photographs courtesy of Mica Santayana-Canto and Tidily Ever After