The purr-fect place: A Fur-parent’s guide to a more pet-friendly home

For most fur-parents, their pets are an important part of the family. From weekly checkups to daily grooming, pet enthusiasts make sure their furry babies are well taken care of.

These four-legged companions, however, are also the source of stress when their fur starts shedding or when they start running around the house, toppling and scattering household items. Try avoiding this by following these five steps to pet-proof your home.

• Place fragile items out of reachCats and dogs love chewing and scratching things within their reach. The best way to avoid this is to make sure your household items are tucked in a storage area out of their paws’ range. Make sure that your shoes are in locked plastic containers or closed shoe-cabinets as shoeboxes are still chewable to dogs. Also ensure that tablecloths are not hanging so your cats won’t try to pull them off along with the items on the table.

• Invest in a good vacuum cleanerPets shed their fur to make room for healthier fur to grow. Their damaged fur, however, gathers and sticks to your carpets, rugs and in small corners of the house. This is where your trusty vacuum cleaner comes in handy. A daily sweep on the living room carpet or under your cabinets would make sure the fur won’t pile up. Brushing the carpet or rug before using the vacuum helps, too.

• Avoid white or light-colored upholsteryYour canine and feline friends will rub their bodies on the floor and then take a nap on your light-colored couch or wag off dirt near your white curtains without you knowing. To avoid visible stains, opt for a darker shade for your couch or sofa. Scratch-free materials are also available on the market. Faux leather sofas and furniture piecesare also recommended as they are easy to clean and do not absorb odor.

• Trash cans with lidsYour trash can is your pet’s treasure chest. As curious beings, they are likely to spread and scatter your trash as it emits various types of smell for their highly sensitive noses. As they dive int, the odor and dirt will stick to their fur, which may be an additional problem. To avoid this, opt for covered bins.

• Install blockadesSimple blockades or fences could keep your furniture and appliances safe from your pets and vice versa. Installing a small blockade on the door to your laundry room or kitchen can keep your pets away from the washing machine or the oven.