Upcycled-organizer ideas for your WFH office

Working from home can be stressful; and the clutter on your desk, scattered materials in drawers, and tangled wires at your home office do not help with that budding migraine.  

Instead of spending money for new organizers to tidy up your space, you can look for these unused materials from around the house and transform them into something useful to tidy up your workstation. 

Egg carton organizer 

With a few cuts, a little bit of paint, and a dash of art, those egg cartons need not end up in your bin.  

They could be very useful for organizing small office materials like safety pins, paperclips, pushpins, erasers etc. Just cut the carton to fit your drawer or that corner on your desk. Now, you don’t need to take the time out of your workflow to search for that missing paperclip. 

On a similar vein, if your desk has a lot of washi tape and other stuff you can store them using the plastic divider tray from a pack of cookies, so they won’t roll around! 

Tin can pencil holder 

Are you having trouble looking for a pen under the many piles of paper on your desk? Tired of constantly losing your pens to some unknowable force? Why not transform those empty food cans into pencil holders.  

After washing the empty cans, jazz them up a bit with stickers or other trinkets and place them side by side on your desk or in your drawers, you’ll have your DIY tin can pencil holders in no time and you’ll never have to worry about misplacing another pen again! 

Shoebox wire declutter 

Your unused shoe box does not have to collect dust in the storage area. Cut a few tiny holes on one long side and another on the short side. Place your extension cord inside along with the wires to avoid tangled wires scattered on your WFH office floor.  

Cardboard drawer organizer 

You know how sometimes it takes longer than it should to find something in your drawers because of how much stuff is inside? Well, why not try making your own drawer organizer to install a little order. 

You can use any cardboard container you have lying around like empty cereal boxes or even tissue boxes. Measure how big you want your organizers to be to fit into your drawer and use a box cutter to cut the cardboard into the desired height.  

Make your containers pretty by using some of your leftover wrapping paper from last year to wrap it nice and neat. Glue it on to make sure it sticks and there you go!