WFH will be here for a little longer. Here’s the ideal set-up for you

With newer strains of COVID-19 — the Delta and Lambda variants — posing serious health threats, it seems as if working from home will continue to be the norm for quite some time.

Here are tips to get you started on setting up a WFH “office” for the long term:

Declutter your workspace. Clutter is one of the most stressful things to look at when you’re trying to focus on a task. Your space affects your mentality, and when you have a clear desk, you have a clear mind to work on what you need for the day with minimal distractions.

Let there be (natural) light. Studies show that sunlight has a powerful effect on one’s mental health, has the ability to boost mood and lessens anxiety. Placing your WFH setup in front of the window allows you to get your much-needed vitamin D, especially now when going out is considered a luxury.
Prioritize ergonomics. Working from home means sitting almost the entire day. Having an ergonomic WFH setup helps lessen muscle fatigue and consequently, boost overall productivity. Elevating your laptop or monitor with a desk riser stand is one simple way to help your posture, keeping your body aligned as you work.

Love your work. Last but not least, love your work even if you miss the office or your officemates. Give it your 100 percent all the time, even if you are just in the comforts of home.