Emergency preparedness at home

As responsible homeowners, we have to be aware of the importance of being prepared for emergencies, hazards, and disasters. We need to ensure that emergency preparedness starts in our very own homes since our country is prone to possible disastrous events such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, and even fire.

We need to prepare for emergencies and keep our families and properties safe. Disasters are inevitable, and the most significant way to defend and protect ourselves is to be ready and secure our home. To stop you from worrying, here’s how you can start emergency preparedness at home.

Quick repairs

Before a storm hits, you need to check your home if there’s anything that needs repairs to save you from significant damage. Having an essential toolbox with functional tools like a wrench, hammer, pliers, shears, handsaw, and plug crimping tool can help you get things done. For example, inspect your roof and gutters if there are leaks, check your electrical wirings, look into your drainage to avoid overflows, or cut down big tree branches that might fall on your roof.

Truper hammer, adjustable wrench, plier, shear, plug crimping tool, handsaw, and toolbox

Power up with power outage essentials

Alphalux LED emergency light, LED rechargeable lantern, Electron diesel generator, Shawshank LED Superbright Flashlight, and Diamond Vision LED Cob wall night light switch

You can survive without electricity for days when your home is equipped with lighting supplies and power sources. Install an LED emergency light to be prepared for sudden power losses. Having handy LED rechargeable lanterns and flashlights can guide you through the dark places at home. Installing a COB LED night light is a safe lighting option because it is battery-operated and easily attaches to any flat surface. It will also be beneficial to invest in generators for an immediate power source during power outages. Get a diesel-fueled generator to maintain electricity in your home.

Prepare basic emergency supplies kit

Rubbermaid storage box, Igloo water jug, Heim medicine cabinet, Safdie & Co. blanket, Hot Headz fire blanket, Truper dust mask

To prepare your home when you cannot go outside, you must have all your essentials at hand. Install a medicine cabinet and keep well-stocked health supplies and medications for injuries, aches, and other symptoms. Prepare your basic needs and supplies like food and water—store nonperishable food enough for three days. Or when the local government advises relocation, having a big capacity water jug can help you store enough drinking water. It would help if you also considered having sanitation and hygiene items, a first aid kit, extra clothing, and blankets that your family would need to stay safe and comfortable during and after a disaster. For fire emergencies, you must have safety masks to protect you from inhaling hazardous chemicals and a fire blanket that can suffocate the fire and can be used to cover your body for fire survival.

Be informed and connected

Alphalux 3-in-1 LED Emergency Fan with built-in flashlight and radio, and Cobra Walkie Talkies

Before and during a calamity, you must keep your phone and social contacts updated to help you reach essential people faster. Be informed of the local emergency and rescue hotlines that you can contact when you’re in need. Having this 3-in-1 emergency fan with flashlight and radio will not only help you stay comfortable but can allow you to listen to the radio for updates. When communication lines and networks are unavailable, walkie-talkies can be used as portable wireless communication devices that can help you stay connected to your family and close relatives. Walkie-talkie provides convenient communication during times of crisis.

Keep your family safe and protected during disasters and calamities. So much effort goes into emergency preparedness and making sure your home is ready for any situation can save you from potential injury and damage. Remember that emergency preparedness starts at home. Get these emergency must-haves and supplies at Wilcon.

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