5 creative ways to store your jewellery and accessories

If you’re someone who keeps her necklaces in a box, chances are that you often need some time to untangle the mess before you are able to wear your necklace. Poor storage habits also lead to misplaced or lost pieces and forgotten accessories — “I completely forgot that I have this!”

The solution is to keep your accessories in places that are easy to access and easier to survey so that you can quickly scan your collection when you need to hurry up and decide on what earrings to wear, for instance. Here then are five creative ideas for storing or displaying your jewellery and accessories collection

Use trinket dishes or small bowls. Old saucers, bowls, or even teacups may be used as ring or earring holders. These are perfect for pieces that you often use. Leave them in certain places around the house so there is always a safe place to leave your accessories when you take them off. 

Repurpose kitchen items like ice cube trays and muffin pans. Sectioned containers and those with separate hollow spaces are perfect catch-alls for earrings, rings and other accessories. You can even jazz them up with paint, rhinestones or glitters if you like. 

Decorate with jewellery. Pick your best pieces and find ways to display them as artwork. You can use a dainty frame and corkboard matting for your earrings. Or attach twine or ribbons across the frame so you can easily hang your favorite accessories. And if you have some available driftwood, tree branches or sticks, attach a few hooks to these and hang them up strategically to display bracelets, necklaces, and similar items.

Buy plenty of hooks and turn a wooden ladder, an old door, or a vintage window into a display station by attaching the hooks for your jewellery. Paint them or create a unique finish or texture for added character.

Use your walls. Hang a standard kitchen hook rack or even a mug rack on a bare wall or over a door. It’s the easiest way to display your necklace and bracelet collection.