Banish bad juju with an energy cleanse

Have you ever entered a home and immediately felt a certain heaviness, or even sadness, for no apparent reason? Or maybe it was tension that you felt, or a feeling of being smothered, drained, or stressed out. These may be a sign that the space has bad energy or negative vibes. 

A home that has good and positive energy will feel fresh, light, and full of life. Occupants feel good about being in the space. But if you don’t feel relaxed or peaceful in your own home, one of the things you can do is cleanse it of the negative vibrations and infuse it with good energy. 

You can also do this if you just recently acquired a new space and you want to cleanse it before moving in. Another crucial time for cleansing would be after experiencing — or even during — a major challenge in life, like breaking up with someone, getting sick, having an argument with another, or going through a big life transition or work challenge. Doing regular energy cleanse is also ideal and should be an important part of our well-being. And it’s not just about the physical space either, negativity in the home often affects many areas of our life. Here are the steps to giving your space a good energy cleanse:

Clean your space thoroughly. First of all, get rid of clutter and do general cleaning. Don’t forget all the nooks and crannies. Remove cobwebs and dust, and don’t skip the carpets and aircon units. It also helps to open windows and doors to let some fresh air and sunshine in. It’s a good idea to throw out all the broken items and stuff you don’t want anymore.

Prepare a cleansing solution. You can simply put salt in a bucket of water and use that to clean the doors, windows, doorknobs, and floors. Some people add lemons and vinegar into the salt and water solution. It is important to set your intentions before doing this and to perform the cleansing process mindfully.

Burn sage and smudge your home. Sage or other herbs like patchouli, garlic, and palo santo are used to remove bad energy from the home. Please refer to the sidebar below if you need instructions on how to smudge your space with sage or herb.

Do a salt cleanse. Pour salt into each corner of your home and leave it there for two days. Ring a bell three times in each corner and come back to clean the salt away when the two days are up.

Put cleansing and protective crystals like selenite or black tourmaline on your windowsill, table, or altar to further cleanse and protect the home. You can also use salt lamps in each room to continue the clearing process. Candles, incense sticks, and fresh flowers are other items you can regularly use to maintain the space’s positivity and good energy.


How to burn sage to smudge your space

1. Light the tip of the sage/herb bundle and let the flame die out. 

2. Fan the smoke around your body, from the feet up to your head.

3. You can then start cleansing a room from its center or the doorway. In a house, some people start in the kitchen then move to the other rooms.

4. Disperse the smoke by walking clockwise around the room. You can make circular motions with your hand holding the sage. 

5. Visualize the bad energies being carried away with the smoke. Other people play sacred music while cleansing or recite prayers and intentions.

6. Keep dispersing the smoke until your smudge stick burns out.