5 life-changing home management tips I’ve learned from my mom

A home is not just a place for us to live in. It requires organization, proper care, and responsible management to ensure that it’s a place worth staying in.

I consider myself to be organized when it comes to my stuff. But when I compare my home organization skills to my mom, there’s a huge gap.

Before my mom calls it a day, she checks if the house is spotless. When I insist my room is clean, she insists the opposite. She asks me to get the walis tambo and basahan, then she inspects my work after. The same scenario happens when it comes to anything related to home management. 

For her, a task should be done with organization and finesse. As a result, I’ve picked up helpful tips on home management that I’ll apply in the future. 

Make a plan, and stick to it

Our house has a corkboard with a fully scribbled calendar and Post-its. She doesn’t remove them until the task is done.

The most important thing in home management is prioritizing your tasks. It’s stressful to take care of your home if you don’t know what to do. A lesson from my mom is to map out your tasks before you start working. She has two main tasks for the day which aligns her focus. This allows you to finish your housework calmly. 

Budget wisely

Before splurging in online shops or checking out purchases, make sure you have a budget for your everyday needs. Set aside money for food, water, utility bills, house-related expenses, and more.

Budgeting your money is a learning experience that takes time. It’s about allocating your money while keeping track of your needs. I’ve learned about the magic of the 60/20/20 system where 60 percent is for living expenses, 20 percent is for savings, and the remaining 20 percent is for your wants.

Don’t let dirty chores pile up

Admit it. Washing the dishes, sorting dirty laundry, and ironing clothes is not fun. It’s also a hassle if you’re suffering from allergies. But, it’s better to finish these chores as soon as possible. 

Letting the dirty dishes or clothes pile up is more stressful. While it’s understandable to do the easier chores first, it’s harder to put them off for a time being. This leads to them getting stacked up—adding more work.

Pay attention to the garden or yard

Even if you mostly spend your time at home, it doesn’t mean that you can leave your garden or yard alone. A messy outdoor area reflects poor home management. It also makes your space look messier.

Schedule your yard work during the early morning or when the sun has set. It’s easier to get things done since you wouldn’t experience any sunburn.

Chores are a must to learn

Doing the household chores shouldn’t be limited to a single person only. It’s normal to be busy with work or school but it’s not a reason to not do the housework. It’s a must to establish that everyone needs to help out.

If you want people to help you with household chores, it’s better to start early. Doing everything at once, then asking for help makes the transition harder.

At the same time, teaching chores are tough. But to make it easier, let perfection go because not everyone learns quickly. Be patient, it encourages the person you’re teaching.