5 items to discard when organizing feels like a ‘mission impossible’

There’s always something magical about New Year. 

For one, when the clock strikes 12, we yearn for our Cinderella moment, too. On a whim, we get an urge to reset, restart, and refresh everything in our lives — from our clothing, mindset and surroundings. 

But in reality, below all the cloud nines, we don’t have fairy godmothers who will clear everything in one bibbidi-bobbidi-boo incantation. All we have is ourselves. It may seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve accumulated a mountain of items in 2020 to fill whatever void there is to fill, but it is never a lost cause. 

You may start by simply discarding these items: 

Menus, receipts, old bills 

As take-out and online delivery boomed last year, it’s not surprising if you find flyers, menus, and receipts in drawers of chaotic jumbles. 

To deal with these thin eyesores, hunt them all down and place them on a table. Remember that information on that flyer is available online, so there’s no point in keeping it in your home this 2021.  

For receipts, check if it is still needed for appliance return or warranty. These important receipts must be organized in one envelope. Bills shouldn’t be haphazardly thrown as it contains valuable personal data. With a marker, scribble or erase codes, names, addresses, passwords, and other important information before decluttering.  

Worn-out, ill-fitting clothes and beddings 

Marie Kondo style, put in one huge pile all the beddings and/or clothes. Separate old items like socks without pairs, worn-out towels, clothes, and blankets with hideous holes from ones you still use.  

After saying thanks and bidding farewell to your worn-out and ill-fitting clothes, neatly fold them inside boxes and plastic bags and send them to recycling and upcycling facilities. If you’re crafty, you may also repurpose old towels into rags and coasters. 

Broken furniture or appliance 

It’s hard to let go of appliances, especially if it was expensive. But if they have tapped out and served their purpose, it’s time to let go.  

To dispose of it, check with the retailer or manufacturer if they accept old appliances. You may also drop it off at recycling and upcycling stations near you.  

Old cords and miscellaneous gadgets 

In a technological era, we all have a drawer or box of cords and tech paraphernalia.  

If you haven’t jumped on the organization trend during the quarantine, you most likely still have a box of tangled wires. 

This New Year, face one of the monster in your home. Take it out of its container, untangle and categorize. 

Carefully wrap old batteries and place a label. If you find years to decades-old earphones and computer wires, chances are, they aren’t working, or you won’t be needing them soon. Place it in the recycling pile. For cellphones, laptops and tablets, you may call retailers and ask them to wipe off all your data in the old gadget before recycling. 

Those that are still working should be neatly wrapped, labeled, and carefully stacked. 

Old, expired skincare items 

Before jumping into a new skincare regimen, have you checked your makeup bag, vanity area, shower, or medicine cabinet? 

When was the last time you used those hotel toiletries, shaving cream, makeup, and lotion? 

Check the expiry date on each bottle or container. If it’s illegible and if you’re unsure when you bought it, the rule of thumb is to toss it out. 

You won’t regret throwing out expired products. Aside from lacking potency and taking up unnecessary space in your cabinet, it may irritate and harm the skin when accidentally used.  

This New Year, start with a clean slate and fresh home. You’ll be surprised how a quick session of decluttering allows all else to fall into its place.