Your home, the planets, and the stars

When buying or selling property, and even when decorating, some people seek guidance from astrology to make better decisions. Astrology, the study of the positions and movements of celestial bodies in relation to events that happen on earth, is an ancient science that has been used by medieval astrologers to give guidance to royals and monarchs in the old days.

In the Philippines, the main proponent of Medieval Astrology or Traditional Astrology is Resti Santiago. Property Report asked him about his views on how astrology may be used as a tool to obtain guidance on matters concerning the home and property. He said that astrology can be applied especially when making investment and design decisions, and the timing of important activities in the areas of home and property acquisition or development.

Don’t buy or sell during Mercury Retro 

Timing is very important in astrology. Santiago says, “The astrological charts can help a buyer or seller schedule the best date and time to finalize transactions — after considering economic conditions and budgetary concerns.” When done at the right time, a transaction can be successful and the parties can be expected to honor the agreements.

Generally, the Mercury Retrograde period must be avoided when one is asking or making commitments. This period happens three times a year, and for 2021, Mercury will be retrograding from Jan. 30 to Feb. 21, May 30 to June 23, and Sept. 27 to Oct. 18. Santiago adds, “Mercury in retrograde motion usually coincides with misunderstandings and problems with documentation and contracts.” 

Another step to take is to choose the right date and time for the transaction. There are plenty of considerations, and the best guide would be the Filipino Astrologer Auspicious Timing Guides, an ebook series on astrological timing. 

The best time for renovation, decorating

Venus, the planet of beauty, will send help on designing and renovation works during these periods in 2021: February 21 to March 21, April 15 to May 9, and Aug. 16 to Sept. 11. These are the periods when Venus is strong. “Designing will flow easily,” says Santiago, “One can easily recognize symmetry, beauty, and order.” 

Avoid these days for decorating and renovations: March 21 to April 15 and Sept. 11 to Oct. 7, 2021. These are the weak periods of Venus and designing will prove to be a challenge. “The flow of ideas will be slow and one may change designs frequently,” says Santiago. 

General trends in 2021 

Santiago talks about a rare and important astronomical event that will happen on Dec. 22. The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will take place in Aquarius, the sign associated with computers, technology, and minimalism. “Incorporating more technology and/or having a bigger space for computers and gadgets in the house will be the trend,” he says. 

As we reset our lives in 2021, Santiago says it is best to de-clutter our personal space, leaving only the bare essentials. As minimalism is also one of the highlights of the coming year, it would be wise to choose small but functional objects, fewer possessions, and an open and clean design.