Home improvement trends during the pandemic

A lot of us are staying home more these days and that’s why home improvement projects have been popular — we want to fix, expand and beautify the space where we spend almost all of our hours. Aside from that, some people have more time for these projects, compared to the time before COVID-19 happened.

The home is now our children’s classroom, our office, gym, entertainment center, restaurant, and more. From putting plants everywhere to tearing down walls to create bigger spaces, people have been spending money on various home improvement projects. Some homeowners have said that they are using the money they saved from not going to restaurants, not traveling, and working from home rather than spending money on daily transportation. 

So what kind of improvements are homeowners doing to their homes these days? Here is a list of the common enhancements, homewise:

People are building Zoom Rooms

These are not just for the working resident but also for children. People want a home office that gives privacy, which means total silence and a door that can be locked. 

They are upgrading outdoor spaces

People want more room where their children can play and where they can let their pets roam freely. This is also the same space used for a small family barbecue, romantic dinner under the stars, or a cozy weekend dinner party among friends. More people want to bring the restaurant experience into their homes.

That means more people are cooking at home

There was a jump in demand for kitchen remodeling projects in June, according to a US survey, compared to the same time last year. Homeowners want bigger and better kitchens because family members are always eating at home.

Garden features like pergolas are more popular

Aside from creating bigger and better green spaces, homeowners are finding ways to make their homes more picturesque. Sitting areas under a canopy of trees or enclosed in panels of climbing plants and vines, outdoor gardens with gazebos, fountains, benches or a swing — all these are gaining popularity these days.

People are making their homes more secure and cozier

Projects related to home security and privacy are also in demand now. But aside from repairs and installation of fences and alarm systems, more homeowners are also focused on making their living space a cozy place to spend time in. That means working with rugs, throws, curtains, scents, artworks, and so on.