Motif Studio opens its doors for collaborations

In the decades of old, office spaces were designed using cubicles, separating the bosses from the staff, and the employees from one another. Today, more and more companies and offices are changing gears into what is now called a collaborative working environment — integrating millennial design and aesthetics: modern with clean lines but with an industrial flare. No doubt that millennials have changed the landscape of how businesses are run and how offices look — everything needs to be Instagrammable and sustainable.

In an effort to meet the demands of their growing clientele, the people behind Mundo Design and Build have launched Motif Studio, a design firm that is firmly committed to sustainability, and in ensuring that more Filipinos are able to benefit from the countless advantages of professionally designed, and expertly finished spaces and structures.

MJ Ringor, Motif Studio’s chief designer envisions Motif as a creative collaborator with clients. “We’re not only creating spaces for them, we’re also building relationships with them and that’s the most important thing.”

An inviting lobby for guests

The new Motif Studio office

Motif Studio opened its doors and gave members of the media a tour of their new office. The space is located along Chino Roces Avenue in Makati, in a repurposed older building that would have otherwise been considered derelict or obsolete. One of the sustainable design practices that Motif does is repurposing, which is evident when you step into their office in the form of exposed concrete beams and concrete ceilings.

Coffee shop-like pantry

Distribution of natural light is a huge consideration in sustainable design but because their office building has only small vertical windows, Motif moved the common areas inward and divided them with glass instead of interior walls or wood panels. This surprisingly enabled the small windows to bring in sunlight into the farthest rooms. Every space is utilized without making any structural alterations. They even allocated a sleeping area for employees on a loft space perched above the main work area. The work area is conducive to work and creativity, as well as efficiency and ergonomics. There are large and comfortable common areas of collaborations, a pantry that looks like one of your favorite coffee shops, and a lobby that is cozy and inviting.

With design services divided into hospitality, commercial, and residential sub specialties, Motif Studio is in a position to offer customized and specific solutions and design elements to meet the needs of diverse and demanding clientele.

Motif Studio library

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For more information on Motif Studio, visit their social media pages @motifstudioph. Or email them at [email protected].