Mitsubishi elevators & escalators give cities a lift

International Elevator & Equipment, Inc. continuously innovates with its range of energy-efficient, safe, and reliable products designed to inspire a better quality of life.

Whenever you step inside the elevator of a high-rise building, do you ever stopp to think how trustworthy is the company who built that elevator? After all, wouldn’t you panic if you get stuck in a defective elevator on the 50th floor of a building?

When it comes to elevators (and yes, escalators, too), Mitsubishi is a global name we’ve trusted these past many decades. You get only the smoothest (so smooth you’d think you’re not moving at all), quietest, safest, most reliable elevator ride of your life.


“We always have innovations in our products,” declares Ramoncito Ocampo, IEE (International Elevator & Equipment, Inc., a group company of Mitsubishi  Electric) president. “Basically, our thrust is to always have more efficient, more eco-friendly products. For 40 years now, we’re No. 1 in the Philippines in terms of elevators and we’re continuously improving, changing for the better.”

Ocampo stresses, “We’re trying to improve our products and services. We offer not just  good products but also good services after we have completed the installation of our products.”

“The installation is supervised by Mitsubishi, our Japanese engineers come to help in the installation and maintenance,” says Itsuo Arakawa, IEE executive vice president. “From time to time, we send people here to teach us how to improve our service. Because even if our product is good, if we don’t do a good installation and good service, it’s nothing also.”

“Our elevators are guaranteed to last for 10-40 years,” Ocampo tells us. “We only change them because of the new technology, which is more efficient, but they’re still running.”

Mitsubishi sells roughly 1,000 elevator units a year. Ocampo shares, “Even without the ‘Build, Build, Build’ program of the government, in the last five years, the construction industry continued to grow. The problem now is how to expand because there’s no more space.”


Ocampo adds, “Everybody is doing good business, what’s lacking is manpower.”

Mitsubishi is now servicing close to 8,000 elevators. That’s why the company is conducting a lot of training for its technicians.

As of now, we have three training towers that we’re using in our office,” Ocampo discloses. “We have an escalator training center, I think we’re the only one that has this in the Philippines. And we’re building another three training towers for elevator training.”

In technical schools, they have welding and an electrical course, but installing an elevator is something else. “You can’t actually install elevators,” says Ocampo. “There’s a rail, like a railroad track, so that if the installation is no good, there will be shaking, it will be derailed.”

On top of the training, Mitsubishi technicians also have to pass an exam before they’re sent out to the site.

“We’re investing in manpower,” Ocampo points out. “Before, we were getting from Don Bosco Tondo because they don’t just teach the technical stuff, they also teach values. These employees are still with us.”


To celebrate IEE’s golden anniversary, a new IEE office and showroom were launched earlier this year. The state-of-the-art showroom takes visitors on a virtual reality adventure via Mitsubishi Electric’s elevators and their world-class capabilities.

“Except for our services, all our offices are now housed in one building so we can better coordinate with each other,” Ocampo informs us.

Ocampo is proud to add, “Our advantage over our competitors is that we service 24/7 and if you call us, we don’t just take your call — in 30 minutes or so, we will be at your door or at the site.”

Through the decades, IEE has continuously redefined the architecture and construction landscape with its advanced elevator, escalator, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration innovations.

With its passion for quality innovation, IEE is again participating in the Philconstruct Expo to showcase its latest technologies and equipment that are designed for the evolving requirements of the building and construction industry of the country.

The Philconstruct Expo, the largest of its kind, zeroes in on the Philippine Construction Industry Roadmap 2020-2030 that aims to shape the values and institutional integrity of the construction industry as it steers its way towards the ‘Build, Build, Build’ program.

This year is doubly significant for IEE as it will demonstrate the highly energy-efficient Lossnay heat-exchange technology. Introduced and offered only by Mitsubishi Electric, Lossnay technology improves air quality as it reduces power consumption and carbon footprint to help preserve the environment while encouraging consumers to do the same.

As it continuously innovates and improves its products that range from hand dryers and air conditioners to elevators and escalators, Mitsubishi Electric certainly has no way to go but up.