Revolutionize the way you manage your facilities with digiFMS

Facility Management system (digiFMS) for buildings is an emerging trend in online computing applications. The age-old methods of managing these facilities are not able to meet the tremendous demand and sizes of today’s societies. It has become necessary to facilitate the management of these buildings on an online, cloud-based, user-friendly platform. digiFMS is able to handle thousands of concurrent users who can access the system from various sources like mobile applications and web applications at any given time from multiple locations.

digiFMS is a computer-based system which is used to monitor the many activities of a regular residential metropolitan building or even multiple buildings. The concept of digiFMS took its roots from the fact that various large building complexes need monitoring and maintenance for their various day-to-day activities. In a normal residential society, the day-to-day chores include maintenance of the society, plumbing, parking allocations, waste management, security facilities, tracking dues, vendor management, tenant management, asset management, visitor management, maintenance requests, inventory management, etc.

These activities individually are very tedious and have long processes. They require the coordination between the respective management societies coupled with the vendors, which provide these services so that the appropriate convenience can be provided.

The major advantage of digiFMS over the older methods of managing the society on paper by humans is that a high level of automation can be introduced — which not only reduces risks of errors, but also helps solve all the problems in an unbiased manner based on an algorithm. Automation can be useful for the following aspects of the digiFMS: building management, asset management, inventory management, vendor management, tenant management, event planner, complaints, project management, maintenance requests, visitor management, concierge services, announcements, and analytics and reports.

Beyond all the facilities provided for a resident to use the software, there comes an important question about how data is maintained and where. digiFMS encompasses three layers of security: network security, application security and data security.

That said, technology when applied intelligently to day-to-day process can enhance the quality of life of those who are touched by it and digiFMS does just that.

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