Camella: Transforming houses into healthy homes

The recent pandemic has affected our lives ― from the disruption of our routines to changes in our home settings. The crisis forced us to reimagine living without leaving the sphere of our communities and our homes. The enlightenment is it is not only about having homes with vast spaces, but it is about having spaces that serve different purposes.

Camella’s houses champion wellness by offering homes with balconies where you could bathe under the sun and breathe in the fresh outdoor air without leaving your doorstep.

Spaces for resiliency

In Camella, the idea is not just building homes that you have to take care of, but designing shelters that take care of you and your family. With the recent health threat brought about by the pandemic, Camella rises to differ itself by giving you more than just enough. The home and community builder steps up to offer houses with features that help build your family’s resilience to external threats.

Camella offers houses with extra quarters that can be converted into isolation areas when they become essential. The well-known housing brand additionally offers provisions for sanitation areas, which allow homeowners to upgrade their safety precautions to have more control over their surroundings.

Health promotion

Beyond safety, Camella brings you comfort and peace of mind. It is a universal fact that health is a necessity, but having homes that take care of you and your family is often viewed as a luxury. Camella changes this by integrating features in its homes that make it easier for families to transform their everyday shelter into a pandemic-friendly sanctuary.

Access to green spaces such as parks is very important while dealing with the current
health crisis, as these have essential benefits supporting residents’ health and well-being.

Camella’s houses champion wellness by offering homes with balconies where you could bathe under the sun and breathe in the fresh outdoor air without leaving your doorstep. Each lot also comes with green spaces where homeowners could put up herb gardens to support their healthy hobbies and habits safely within their lot’s parameters.

Smart home-ready and sustainable

From homes that help you take care of your family, Camella goes further to offer you a home that takes care of itself when you are away. Camella sites are internet-ready and are contained in smart home-suitable townships, which make them attractive for technological upgrades.7

Camella also made the initiative of designing homes that help you take care of your family. With the introduction of its Eco Bins — a waste segregation innovation that integrates disposal bins into house gates — Camella also begins its movement toward more sustainable architecture.

Homes are principal investments wherein you put a large sum of your money, so it is only appropriate that you ask more than shelter from them. Camella stands by its proposition of bringing value-for-money homes set in beautiful communities wherein families could find comfort even amid a health crisis.

Extra spaces within a Camella home can be converted into isolation areas or sanitation areas.

To know more about Camella, visit or contact (0917) 961-0813 or (0929) 851-0836.

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