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COVID-19 and Bayanihan

(Editor’s note: In this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, private companies and private citizens have come together to help those in need by doing food drives, maintaining the salaries of their employees, and raising funds for wage earners, their communities and people in the frontlines. Accompanying this column is a photo essay by The Philippine STAR photographers […]

Developers, businesses step up fight against COVID-19

It’s the second week since President Rodrigo Duterte declared the Luzon-wide lockdown or Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). Since then, 552 cases of COVID-19 positive patients have been reported, 35 have died from it — including five doctors — while 20 have recovered. The virus has caused a lot of uncertainties for many Filipino medical practitioners […]

Our Cities: During And Beyond Covid-19

Five weeks ago, when we were planning STAR Property Report’s first anniversary issue with the theme “OUR CITIES,” it looked very different, our country looked very different. We had only three cases of coronavirus; the Department of Health said we were a “model country,” that they had things under control. Then the truth started to […]

Pasig in the center of progress

With Marikina City at its north, Makati City, Taguig City and the municipality of Pateros at its south, Quezon City and Mandaluyong City at its west, and the municipalities of Cainta and Taytay at its east, Pasig is not just part of but is right at the center of Metro Manila’s most progressive populations. This […]

How Tourism And Hospitality Have Been Impacted By Covid-19

The Tourism Department was very bullish about growth prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. It had good reason to be: In 2019, the country achieved an all-time high of 8.2 million international tourist arrivals, contributing $9.31 billion or P482.15 billion in visitor receipts. This posted a rate of 20.81 percent higher than the 2018 figure of […]

Real Estate Industry positive despite COVID-19

Amid the global gloom over COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) that continues to escalate and claim lives worldwide, the real estate industry remains positive and optimistic. As for COVID-19 effects on real estate, Catherine Ko, executive vice president of Federal Land, Inc. and president of Sunshine Fort North Bonifacio Realty Development Corporation, stresses, “As employees are a […]

Luxury living is easily attainable through Primehomes

Quezon City, a vast and highly urbanized city in the Philippines, has been experiencing major developments in recent years. In addition to the government’s infrastructure projects, the city’s real estate landscape has been making it more exciting. Adding to the anticipation is Primehomes in Capitol Hills, a community nestled in the city’s premier residential address, […]

Makati: Weaving modernity with distinctive history

Makati is best known as the country’s premier Central Business District. It set the mold for this over 50 years ago and it has not stopped improving on the model. Although it is a modern invention sprung from swampland, it does have historic urban fabric, heritage structures and picturesque sites from the Spanish, American and […]