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SVD Farm: A place of serenity and sustainability

Nestled along the ridge of Taal Lake lies Tagaytay, an hour and a half away south of Metro Manila, and considered as the second summer capital of the country.

Philippine New Urban Agenda: A development roadmap

Urbanization plays a vital role in the country’s economic development. Economic activities and job opportunities have centered around urban areas. Without efficient and proper planning, the increase in population will...

Of highways and superhighways: Which infrastructure can benefit real estate developments?

Have you ever wondered where best to develop, buy or invest in real estate properties? Over the years, expressways have consistently boosted economic activities. More importantly, road projects...

Love and property

True love never fails… so are you ready to share your real estate properties with your would-be spouse, family members and relatives? How do they become entitled to your properties?...

Should you hire real estate professionals?

Given the required documentation and substantial amounts involved in real estate transactions, it is best to hire real estate service professionals so you can be protected from malpractices and misrepresentations.

Preparing your home For the Chinese New Year

Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái Chinese nationals all over the world look forward to the celebration of Chun Jie or the Lunar New Year, otherwise known as Spring Festival, on Sunday, Jan. 22.

What Factors Drive the Property Market and their Prices?

Real estate is among the most profitable investments available, not only because of its great returns, but also due to the fact that properties are safe and tangible assets.

Financing tips for first-time real estate investors

Many first-time property investors believe they need to have a lot of money or resources to get started in their new business ventures.  Fortunately, that is not the case.

Embracing ESG: Why is IT important?

With greater demand to act responsibly against climate-induced problems, corporate entities globally, including those in the Philippines are urged to embrace environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures. ESG...

Making property developments sustainable

According to the article, “The conversation about green real estate is moving on as corporates prioritize sustainability,” published by the World Economic Forum (weforum.org), buildings with green certification or sustainability...

Traveling is learning, too

The Office of the President recently issued Proclamation No. 90, series of 2022, amending the previously declared Regular Holidays and Special (Non-Working) Holidays for 2023.  Based on the cursory count,...

Tips for real estate consultants

As would-be consultants, you will be engaged to give invaluable insights in your areas of expertise, whether it be into concept development, management and supervision, and process improvement, etc.

Henry L. Yap


A. Brown breaks ground on Adelaida Mountain Residences Clubhouse and Guardhouse

A. Brown Company Inc. (A Brown) held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Adelaida Mountain Residences Clubhouse and Guardhouse last month, marking the...

Ohmyhome: The launchpad of modern Philippine real estate

Injecting Modern Technology into the Philippine Real Estate Industry Traditionally, looking for the right Philippine real estate property means...

ESG, green leasing are emerging trends in PH property – Santos Knight Frank

Environmental, social & governance or ESG factors have become important considerations for real estate shareholders in their decision-making process, Santos Knight Frank...

Aboitiz eager to expand Batangas ecozone

With the LIMA Estate in Malvar, Batangas already seeing  steady growth as one of the leading mixed-use developments outside Metro Manila, Aboitiz...

Visita Iglesia 2023: Destinations around the Philippines for heritage and architecture tours

When visiting a city or a town for the first time, it’s customary for travelers to stop and pray at a local...